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Title: Justice for Sells
Post by: Duncan on August 28, 2006, 05:55:12 pm

These are links to the story about Dwayne Sells.

On April 21st 2005 dwayne was beaten near to death by the following people.

Don Nath

Steve Nath

Jay Payne

Josh Cooper

Ed Hunt

Anthony Likenwise

Dwayne later died on May 10th 2005 at United Medical Center in Cheyenne. Dwayne was the father of one little girl name Ashlyn age 8. If you live in WY then you need to know about what is going on in Cheyenne.

Dwayne worked for Quark in Cheyenne. Quark is based out of Boulder, CO and the owner of Quark was the guy who funded the witch hunt to get the two people who murdered Matthew Shepard. This is an interesting irony. Dwayne was the president of Cheyenne ABATE aka A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments, which is a motorcylce rights organization that had been founded in Southern CA back in the early 1970's by a bunch or pot smoking bikers all who worked to prevent government intrusion into the biker world.  Dwayne was a state and federal lobbiest and prior to his death he had just retruend to Cheyenne from DC were he had spent time with Congresspuke Cubin to her lobby for bikers rights. Dwayne was also a Gulf War Veteran and had picked up some kind of disease while he had served in Saudi, which later hit him with a stroke and left him weak in strength. I never knew Dwayne and I had heard about what had happened to him a month or so later. this is what I had discovered.

On the night of April 21st Dwayne wanted to give his friend Colt Price a send off as his pal was moving back to Tennesse. They both spent a little time at the "Eagles Nest" which is a local biker bar in Cheyenne. Then they made a pit stop at the "Green Door", a strip clud along Lincolnway and finally they both ended up at the "Outlaw Saloon", a cowboy bar on the east end of Cheyenne. Which oddly enough is located right across the street from the local HD dealer. The bar was packed and Dwayne had to make his way to the nearest bar station which w as towards the back of the bar as you walk into the main entrance. Dwayne ordered a beer and was accousted by one Jay Payne. Dwayne was about 6'1 wieghed 145lbs and was 35 years of age and on a drug called Coumadin which is a blood thinner. It is not a good idea to get into fight if you are on this drug as it may bleed to death. I know this because I take coumadin. jay payne is about 5'9'' wieghs 175lbs and is 25 years of age his pal Josh Copper is a little taller and at the time he was 19 years of age.

After Dwayne had paid foir his beers Payne walked up to him and called him a long haired fucking hippe. Dwayne ignored Payne but Payne pursued him and got into his face yelling at Sells and asking Sells to punch him in the face. Dwayne truned and demanded an apology for being called an F'n hippie. Payne continued to taunt Sells and Sells just turned around to walk away at which point Payne hit Sells on the back of the head with a full beer bottle. Sells then turnedto defend himself at which point an entire gang of men jump Sells put him to the gorund and began kicking him in the head. His pal Colt price jump in to help dwayne but was pulled off by tow bouncers who escorted him out the door while the others were allowed to kick Sells in the head. Price is the main source of inforamtion as to what happpened to Dwayne that night others have since coem forward and given a similiar accounting.

Dwyane was bleeding profously about the head, ears and mouth he was in a coma. Don Nath one of the people who attacked Sells picked dwayne up from the floor in a choke hold manner in which he placed Dwayne's head facing down with the back of his head in Nath's stomach and then walked him out of the bar backwards and nath got near the entrance he then flipped Dwayne backwards causing him to fall on his head.

Don along with the rest of the killers were all pat time bouncers for the owner of the Outlaw Saloon EdHunt is the lead bouncer and door man for the bar. Theseguys are all pals  with the local copscum of Cheyenne and in fact the Cheyenne copscum work at the Outlaw for cash working security.

I'm just getting started and it will take me quite awhile to post the entire story and it only gets worse.
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Bill St. Clair on August 28, 2006, 06:39:08 pm
Didn't you already post about this? I remember visiting those web sites. Maybe it was linked from somewhere else.

This is, of course, a horrible story, one of hundreds unfortunately. Also unfortunately, you and a few other Cheyenne and, possibly, northern Colorado residents are the only people who can do much of anything about it. I doubt throwing money at it will do much good. It appears to be due to the corrupt government/police of Cheyenne.

Now I probably care about it more than alot of people here, since I lived in Cheyenne between 1958 and 1974. But I have little money and less time right now, and a family to raise, so I'm afraid I can't fight distant demons other than to advertise their plight on my web site.

If he's got surviving kin who need some financial help, I'm sure people on the board will be eager to do what they can. Just ask. Nicely.
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Duncan on August 28, 2006, 06:58:05 pm
No one is asking for money any more. One of the killers was sued by the family and has since settled out of court.

I'm just doing an intro for the story. There's alot more detail which involves the County Coroner Bill Ryan and the DA Jon Forwood aka Jon "Foreskin". It really about the corruption of the Wyoming repukelican party and the copscum of Cheyenne
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Duncan on August 29, 2006, 03:49:41 pm
Dwayne laid on the floor bleeding to death while the Cheyenne copscum sat on their fat asses in their patrol cars just outside the bar in the bar parking lot. The patrons some of whom happened to be nurses called for an ambulance using their cell phones. Prior to the copscum finally showing up Jay payne and Josh Cooper were exited out a side door and told to scedaddle. Colt Price was hled by the bouncers for the Cheyenne copscum.

Dwayne spent ten days in a coma at UMC prior to his death. According to Dr. Cook a nerosurgeon at UMC "Sells died as result of many strikes to the skull made by a blunt object. Dr. Cook explained at the cornors inquest that Sells had suffered a traumatic blow to the back of the head towards the top and two places located on the left and the right side of the rear end of his skull along with a blow to the orbital region on the fornt of his face. While in a coma Dwayne's brian swelled uncontrollably and a portion of his skull had to be removed. he father was forced to pull the plug when he was told that dwayne would never come out of hid coma. Dwayne Sells dead at 35.

There was a certain amount of public pressure and it was obvoius to everyone that Dwayne was murdered. For a good old fashion white wash job the ever corrupt and arrogant DA Jon "Foreskin" asked the County Coroner Bill Ryan to help with the white washing by conducting a coroners inquest. This guy Ryan is a fucking joke, the guy has no back ground as a pathologist he ain't even quailifed to clean bed pans. This clown sold ice cream for awhile before he became a mortician. he was caught by ab investigative news reporter bungling the investigation of death when he screwed up on a death certificate the casue of a persons death. He was successfully sued for violating the right of a local Cheyenne woman when he posed as a copscum by pulling the woman over for a supposed traffic violation. The last I heard Ryan was dying of brain cancer and as far as I' m concerned he ain't dying fast enough to suit me.

I attended the inquest and got to ID the killers along with the dectectives who intentionally covered up the murder of Sells. All the copscum were sitting at the back of the room with the killer laughing and having a good old time while Dwayne's parents were seen sitting at the front mouring the death of their oldest son. The copscum present were Lt. Korber, Brasile and Phillips. Copscum generally make me sick to my guts and these swine really made me want to vomit up my breakfast. Pig Phillips was seen staring at me through out the inquest and so I obliged the swine and stared him down near the end of the inquest. The pigs made a bid deal out of my pocket knife just like the homeland gestapo did the other day in a WY state building. the problem with their postion is that pig Phillips was the one threatening me becuase he one knew me form his spy files and two hated the fact that people were exposing his shitty handling of a murder investigation for the purpose of aidn his pals Mitch jedlicki and Suzie hein owners of the Outlaw Saloon. it a fact that Korber, Brasile and Phillips had all worked for Mitch and Suzie for cash and that these same people who investigated the murder of Sell spoke to Mitch, Suzie, Ed Hunt and the other killers about the investigation while conducting said investigation.

It gets even worse and why the main stream media ain't picked up on it amazing to me. I'm hoping some famous writter form Wyoming who posts here on a regular basis would think about writting a book about this case.

hint, hint
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Duncan on September 05, 2006, 06:23:43 pm
“ Lt. Rob Korber said the fracture that killed Dwayne Sells is "indicative of a fall to the ground." He said he was quoting the formal autopsy report.” Wyoming Tribune Eagle 5/6/05

“ …. both dailies had conclusions stated by an officer (Lt. Korber) of the Cheyenne police department. It doesn’t seem that it could do the case any good for one (not an investigator, that would be Lt. Korber) officer to offer his opinions as to what happened. “ Cheyenne Herald 7/25/05

" .… the Cheyenne Herald made telephone contact (July 23rd) with the single witness that accompanied Dwayne Sells to the Outlaw Saloon that night." "It is mind boggling to this paper that no police investigator has even attempted to take his formal complaint. - Cheyenne Herald 7/25/05

“ Sells was being removed from the bar when he tripped and hit his head on the tile floor.” Wyoming Tribune Eagle 5/6/05

"The doctor (Dr. Judson Cook neurosurgeon) said there "was no way in hell" that his injuries were from a blow to the head or a fall." – Cheyenne Herald 6/7/05

"The following Sunday, police officers visited the Eagle's Nest (Cheyenne bar were the local bikers hang out) and expressed concern over any violence coming form this incident. (The copster’s were never concerned about the violence heaped upon the dirty little biker dude at the Outlaw Saloon) Not intending to look for anyone who was with Sells that night." – Cheyenne Herald 6/7/05

"The officer he (the witness) gave his statement to, and that should be easy to trace, told him, according to this witness, "That's the sort of thing you should expect when you go out on Friday night." Cheyenne Herald 6/7/05

Good job copscum and always true to your ever worthless profession of doing nothing and protecting no one. We should all expect to get kicked to death when we go out on any given night and then run into some f*ck who doesn't like our hair cut. We can only hope and pray than when Lt. Korber goes out some night to have a good time that he ends up in the wrong bar and that some guy with long hair will kick his face in becuase Korber is bald headed copster.

If not for the Cheyenne Herald and the fact that an eyewitness had gone directly to the DA and the cops to file his account of what had really happened that night and along with the persistence of Dwayne’s father Jack Sells then Dwayne’s life would have been written off by these human parasites, call themselves public servants,  like a bag of trash taken to a back alley trash can.

 I don’t know about most folks, but I have a real problem with the attitude of tax consuming scum like Korber and the Laramie
county DA Jon Forwood, who seem to think that they have no obligation to a man like Sells. A man who served his country during the Gulf War and a biker who was also the president of ABATE for Cheyenne, Wyoming and served to protect the rights of the biker community without reservation.

Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Rarick on September 05, 2006, 08:48:02 pm
One word comes to mind, mythical it may be, but something for the police in the town to think about when bashing bikers.  Happy hippy dippy type of not.  Hollister?  They are probably lucky that your friend wasn't "made".  I do not advocate anything, but get a rep, and someone may decide to do something about it.
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Duncan on September 06, 2006, 05:44:26 pm
I never knew Sells. There is no one other than his family and only a few of his so-called many friends who represent him after his death. I'm a biker who owns a HD and like Sells I am a military veteran and a political activist who gives a shit. I have found that most people don't give a shit about much of anything unless it involves them personally. So if I don't give a shit who else will?

The family hired an attorney long ago to file a lawsuit, but just a lawsuit isn't good enough for me.
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Duncan on September 06, 2006, 05:52:54 pm
This is an email form the great Chief of Police of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

It took the swine an entire week to respond to my emial.

From: Robert Fecht Add Contact Add to Blacklist Add to Whitelist
Sent:8/15/2005 8:34:37 AM
To:duncan philp
Subject: Re: Sells

I would ask that you please check your information before sending out e-mails that may contain inaccurate and misleading information.

Robert D. Fecht
Cheyenne Police Department
2020 Capitol Ave.
Cheyenne, WY 82001

My response to his tripe.

I would ask that you go out and get a real masters degree in criminal justice and stop BSing the taxpyers with a cheap mail order degree that you know have. With this in mind how can you expect me or anyone else to consider you to be credible?

I guess according to one of your fellow thugs Sells had it coming uh?

Now that you have had the opportunity to find out who I am and to read the spy file presented to you by your gestapo agents with the 'terrorist task force'. The spy files which your goons keep on political activists such as myself. You may have read that I am for real and that I have little or no use for lazy tax consumers who refuse to do any work at all for the very people whom they live off of.

I should also tell you that any correspondence you send to me is being posted on the net and that your sorted history with the police department shall be posted on a website called Before you and me are finished I will try my darndest to make you very famous within the biker world. You and your fellow clowns have been dragging your collective a$$es for well over four months now over the death of Sells and the only reason your department is now investigating the murder of Sells is due to public pressure. I would encourage the Sells family to sue you and your department over the callous way that you have treated Dwayne.

Now that you have given me and Riders For Justice recogniton maybe you can also answer a couple of qusetions for me so that I can get the facts straight.

What is your connection to a man by the name of Steve Nath?

I was told that one of Sells killers is connected to you. Is he connected to you and if so how?

Is one of Sells Killers a friend to the Cheyenne PD?

If this true I will find out eventually and so will the rest of the planet thanks to the world wide web. And if true then your investgation of Sells would pose as a conflict of interest and it should have been investigated by an outside source to avoid any improprieties on your part. Right now based on what information I do have it isn't looking very good for you.

Are you suggesting that the Cheyenne Heralds story was innaccurate? Much of my source is this paper and not the WT-E. I consider Herald paper to be very credible. So please explain to me which part of my email you consider to be innaccurate. Once agian how can you expect me to take you seriously with that mail order master degree of yours?

Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Duncan on September 06, 2006, 06:14:49 pm
Fecht never responded to email he simply turned the email over to his band of terrorist i.e. detective Phillips, Brasile and old baldy Korber. Fecht is your stereotypical arrogant swine who never worked a day in his life. He has been a tax cosnumiong copscum all of his adult life and has been with the Cheyenne PD for around 15 years.

The mail order degree in question was purchased with tax dollars to the tune of $2,500 and Fecht has no thesis to offer the public. When questioned about it he simply says that the thesis is a confidential document not for public consumption. Fecht allows his underling swine to work at the Outlaw Bar for cash. This is bad enough as most police agencies would never allow their thugs to moonlight at any bar as it would create an obvious conflict of interest for the department and could very well leave the city wide open for a lawsuit. What makes it even worse is the fact that Mitch Jedlicki the co-owner of the bar who at the time had his name on the bars liquor lisence is a four time convicted felon. Mitch was convicted three times in Minnesota for theft and fraud and once in Cheyenne for check fraud.

I had to scratch my head on this one and shortly after Sells was killed Mitch was busted for a probation violation i.e. he failed his IU. Normally he should have gone striaght to prison but the DA did nothing and the judge dropped it. Why? Because Mitch and his best pal Ed Hunt are both police informants. Ed made a major investment in another bar owned by Mitch and his bitch called the "Cowboy", whihc is located just south of I-80 on the old Greeley HWY. The name of this bar has sinced been changed to the "Rockin Rodeo" as is about to get changed again to the "Outlaw" as Mitch has since shut down the old "Outlaw" bar on Lincolnway in Cheyenne.

In essence the Cheyenne copscum were and still are being bribed by Mitch and Ed Hunt to help with the cover up of a murdered biker. It get's even worse people. Fecht was recently nominated by the repukelican party by a plurality to the 5th Senate District. There were seven people vying for this public office and Fecht only recieved 17% of the entire vote but he had more votes than any other single candidate. A Democrat by the name of Randall Lane is the only thing standing in Fecht's way. As best as I can tell Lane has little no experience in politics he is a local Union Electrician and his district is predominatly repukelican.

Here is a pic of the copscum Fecht he is aobut 47 years of age, 6'3" and around 240lbs.

Robert "Bob" Fecht



P.O. Box 1071
Cheyenne, WY 82003

Phone: (307) 514-3158
Alternate Phone:
Fax: (307) 514-3158

Education: Business administration/economics, bachelor's degree, Southern Illinois University (Edwardsville, IL); FBI National Academy, 2000; master of science/criminal justice (Non-accredited university)

Work Experience: 16 years, Cheyenne Police Department, patrol officer, sergeant, lieutenant captain and 3 years and 7 months as chief of police; 14 years experience in the savings and loan industry, including chief operating officer, chief financial officer.

Top three public service positions: Board president, United Way of Laramie County (current); board president; Safehouse-Sexual Assault Services (former president - current board member); board member, Wyoming Alliance for Drug Endangered Children.

Length of time in Cheyenne/Wyoming: 16 years

Why do you think you are qualified to run for this office?

For the last 10 years, I have established numerous relationships which have proven my ability to communicate with the citizens of Cheyenne, and to be responsive to their needs. I have worked very closely with the Cheyenne City Council and have first-hand experience with the legislative process. I have also worked with and testified in front of House and Senate subcommittees.

Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Not a TMM member on September 07, 2006, 02:33:23 am
It might be advisable to not be posting peoples whole names like this Duncan.
Society being litigious such as it is.
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Duncan on September 07, 2006, 07:27:39 pm
Fecht has recently moved.

Fecht is a public figure and tax consuming employee of Cheyenne ergo he can't sue anyone over the posting of personal info. If he does file suit I get to depo his sorry ass in court.

Any information gathered on anyone thru public access is not a violation of that persons privacy and if that person ever gets a mention in a newspaper or a court document than that person becomes a public figure. I can post any personal info about the Nath's and others if I so please and I so please. I discussed this on the copwatch string located in the Agitator section of the forum. I have posted personal info on the entire Ft. Collins PD on The federal courts have determmed that this can be done.

This ain't my first rodeo so please give me some credit as I have been doing this sort of thing for over 15 years and to date no one has sued me for it. Copscum have posted my perosonal info all over the net and feed it to wannabe copscum.
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Not a TMM member on September 07, 2006, 07:35:37 pm
Frankly Duncan I wasn't worried about you getting the short end of the litigation stick.
I was thinking more in terms of our Hostess.
All that needs happen here is someone out to get you, and I suspect the list is long and well connected,
finds you posting their info set up a suit with their local cronies have you for slander and libel and then take down this board for hosting you.
Now as I suspect you can't pay your own legal fees if such arise I won't even ask if you intend to cover Debra's.

Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Duncan on September 07, 2006, 07:48:03 pm
The Sells story made its first appearance on a website called Cycle World which was set up for a magazine of the same name. The killers of Sell soon saw their names on variuos search engines and the local gestapo was called into action to post their own propaganda. I saved this crap and the next day it was deleted by the copscum who posted it.

The Cheyenne p*gs ended up on a biker website were I have been posting news articles and comments about Sells. Here is my reponse to the p*gs comments.

We really need to start new string if you want to debate politics and copsters with me.

My view point is un-baised as well. I have never met Dwayne or any of his freinds and family. I am not a member of ABATE nor have I ever been a member of this group or any MC. I do not live in Cheyenne, but I do live in the same county. I really know no one in Cheyenne and I have no aspirations of running for political office or to  get my name in the local rag. I have no hidden agenda. My agenda is open and all you have to do is ask me what it is.

True I do own and ride a Harley and I have been riding motorcycles since I was 12 years old and I am now 48, but so what? Just look all the bikes on the roads these days and look at all the idiots who go out and buy a bike for the first time and know nothing about how to ride one. I am probally more objective than most of the people who are interested in this case. This is not biker v cowboy situation and it is not even a biker situation. It is a situation in which one or more people hated one man so much that they were willing to kill him. Why? It really had nothing to do with Dwayne's long hair. I have been told that one of the killers knew Dwayne. The why is the big question.

The other issues are the incompetent nature of the police and was it really incompetence or part of some kind of cover up? Who can say for now. But if we don't ask these questions and if no one gets involved then we will never know and this same sort thing will happen again and again as it has been happening all over the country for a long time now all because no want's to take a stand.

"I am going to play the devil’s advocate—someone needs to. I am speaking from an un-biased point of view, as I am a long time acquaintance of the deceased and the individuals being accused herein." -copscum

You can't be both unbiased and a close friend of the deceased. If you are a close friend of the deceased then you are of course biased and you your only reason for being here might be becuase you want to control the free speech and actions of others. Who are the individuals involved?

"The title of this thread prematurely jumps to the conclusion that this is in fact a murder. That has yet to be determined." -copscum

A concluson based on a set of facts and no one is jumping form one to other without any basis.

1. Dwayne was seen arguing with a unamed individual about his hair.

2. This same individual provoked a fight.

3. Medical evidence shows that Dwayne did not recieve one blow to the head, but rather several blows to the head. If he had tripped and fell then there would of course have been only one blow to the head.

4. A witness saw the fight.

5. The police have acted in a very incompetent manner. Why?

If you had bothered to read the posts and quotes from news article then you would have seen these set of facts. The fact that you are ignoring these set of fact would lead me and others to believe that you are anything but unbaised about this case.

Maybe you have a hidden agenda? You didn't post your real name and so how can we tell that you aren't a copster or one of the very people involved in the death of Dwayne? I'm just asking the question I have not jumped to any conclusions yet until you answer my questions.

"Dwayne was a great guy. He loved his friends and family and positively influenced many people. His death was indeed a tragic event and it has devastated the lives of many people. But this case should be looked at from a neutral perspective." -copscum

I am neutral as I have never even met Dwayne. I don't know the Chief of police or Bill Ryan from a hole in the ground. I base my position on a set of facts and the past histories of both Ryan and Fecht.

"If you were not at the bar in close proximity to the altercation, you can in no way testify to what happened. If you did not know the parties involved, don’t estimate their demeanor. I pity the fool who bases his opinion upon what he has read in the local rags or heard in the rumor mill." -copscum

Were did I make any claim? When and were did I pretend to be a witness? I based my thoughts and opinions on a set of facts as presented by a very credible paper called the Cheyenne Herald and the interviews that have been conducted with the doctor and witness involved. Yea it is free country and I get to think out loud. Ryan and the local copsters have no credibilty based on thier history. So why should I believe a copster when he says that Dwayne started the fight as the copster wasn't there either? Copsters in general have little or no credilbity as I have learned thru the experience of running police watch dog groups that copsters lie often and always for a variety of reasons. Reasons like they have something to hide, they want to control a given situation, they don't want to be embarassed by any bad publicity etc... . Only a fool would think that Dwayne fell and tripped and then died as a result of this alone. If you know more, then I suggest you contact the legal investigator for the lawyer who was hired by the family.

"The biggest mistake any person can make regarding a situation of this nature is the demand for ‘swift justice’." -copscum

Who demanded swift justice? Who are you talking too and who are you talking about?

"Doing so can get innocent people thrown in jail. If it takes ten years to get resolve, so be it. If it never happens, get over it." -copscum

Get over what? Murder is ok with you? police incompetence is ok with you? I really have to wonder how you came to the incorrect conclusion that you are unbaised in this case. Only some one with something to hide would suggest that we let this thing go.

"Does anyone ever get closure in this type of matter?" -copscum

Yea they do and they often do it with diligent persistence.

"Just because someone is incarcerated doesn’t mean justice has been served." -copscum

This is true and what does this have do with the murder of Dwayne as NO ONE has been arrested?

"The negligent party could still be at large. How many wrongful convictions have taken place over the years?" -copscum

You have switched the topic and this is what a is known as a "straw man" arguement" which is a false aruguement often used by copsters and politicians. Some one or group of people killed Sells for no good reason and you appear to be saying that nothing should be done. You have come to the wrong conclusion without any basis for your position i.e. that innocent people will be arressted yet to date and four months after Dwyane's death NO ONE has been arrested. If anyone is arrested then how do you know that thye are innocent? I agree that a person is innocent until proven guilty a concept by the way you copster ignore when it usts your agenda but they could still be guilty and this is why we a courts.

"Who questions the justice system and then demands that it move more expeditiously?" -copscum

I question it and guess what I get to do that And once again who has asked for vigilantism? Show me. Once agian who are you talking to and who are you talking about? You appear to be talking to yourself.

"Let the wheels of justice turn, however slow they may." -copscum

Your not saying a thing.

"One of the reasons our justice system moves so slowly is our courts are tied up with cases of lifeless rebels intentionally breaking laws to shine light upon themselves all in the name of exercising their rights." -copscum

Wrong the reason the courts are tied up is because there are way to many laws in this country and copsters are way to busy writting traffic tickets and arresting people for smoking a joint and doing nothing when a guy is killed at a bar. Once again you are off topic what does this have to do with the death of Dwayne? This is no excuse for incompentence.

"In addition, law enforcement agencies spend time policing demonstrations and strikes to ensure the activists don’t become hostile or hurt each other when they do become hostile." -copscum

But gee they have no time to investigte the murder of a biker. What demonstrations are going on right now in Cheyenne? NONE. What strikes are going on right now in Cheyenne? NONE What activist are becoming hositle in Cheyenne at the time of this posting? NONE. If anything was going to happen to the people who killed Sells, and it has been four months since he has died, it would have happened by now.

Speaking out about the incompetent nature of police and informing poeple about a set of facts does not resemble any of the crap you just posted. You are using hyberpole or out right lies in order the silence the words of others.

In fact nothing you have posted has anything to do with anything.

"Chiefs of police must respond to emails written by unemployed ‘takers’ who have used their undeserved disability checks to buy computers and their free time to unprofessionally investigate crime." -copscum

What does this have to do with the death of Sells and once agian copster who are you talking to and what are you talking about? This is pure babble and a diversionay pratice that only a copster would employ. It won't fly cop and you copsters will be held accountable for your incompetence. The ever incredible Fecht will be looking for new job by the years end.

The Cheyenne police have flat out refused to investigate this crime and this is why the family was force to hire a PI to get justice. What a sham you public servants have pulled off. You slime take our moeny in the form of taxation and then refuse to provide any services to the very people you are paid to serve.

"I am failing to see the logic in some of the informal investigation that has taken place. Why would anyone direct questions regarding this incident toward the motorcycle dealer across the street from the bar?" -copscum

Why not? Since the people across the street who happen to sell Harleys and knew Dwayne might have seen something or heard something.

"Why not ask the gas station attendants across the street? Or even better, the hobby store that was closed much like the cycle dealer. Why hold the bar accountable?" -copscum

Moron with a hidden agenda. Why ask these people anything since they didn't know Dwyane? Why not hold the bar accountable as by law they are required to quell any and all fights that take place within their bar. And they didn't do it and as such the bar is now liable for what happened in their bar the night Sells was killed.

" Maybe the whole world has plotted this conspiracy. Lets put ‘em all on trial. Hell, why even bother? Lets gas ‘em all. They’re all guilty, right?" -copscum

What conspiracy? Are you suggesting that Dwayne died as a result of a simple fall to the ground? Fat chance. You sound like a scared little bitch who is about to get slapped over having been busted for some wrong doing.

Yes indeed I strongly encourage the family to sue the BAR OWNER of the OUTLAW SALOON and the COWBOY SALOON. The BAR OWNER is a convicted felon anmd a friend to all cops. Only in Wyoming can a convicted felon get a liquor lisence regardless of his sorted past.

9. Get the BAR OWNERS liquor lisence jerked.

10. Get flyers out around town that if you ever go the the Outlaw Sallon or the Cowboy Bar then you could very well be killed for haing long hair and the bouncers of each bar will do nothign to stop you from being killed. To enter either bar will be a great risk to your very life.

11. Tell the entire biker world to boycott the Outlaw Saloon and the Cowboy Bar in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

None of the things I have listed advocate violence or swift justice. This a is a free country and guess what we get to think out loud on any internet forum we so choose.

Trust me the bar owners name and personal info will be going up in a website called

I agree you need to be a little more couth in your attempts. I am sure Fecht is already privy to the details of your rebellious past." -copscum

I'm sure the **** is all to familiar with my political past just like you are copster. We all know what a poilce state we now live under and how you copster hate freedom of speech and will do anything you can to have a "Chilling Effect" on speech. The last two copster who tried to do what you are doing right now lost 20K to me. I'll be all to happy to drop another dime and call another lawyer to win another 20K. Just try me cop. Nothing you say or do will ever shut me up.

"However, I don’t think he cares. I know myself and many others in this community don’t." -copscum

If this is true copster then why are you here? According to people like you I am of no importance, yet here you are talking to me about me and why is that? You do care ahh and  isn't that sweet and thank you for caring. Now if yer fellow ****'s could find the time to stop spying on poltical activists and conduct a proper investigation over the death of Sells then maybe we can all get justice for Sells. In other words cop get off your ass and go to work.

"However, I will not stand idle and allow you to assassinate anyone’s character using information you have gathered through the tabloids." -copscum

Who was assassinated what cop? Yer pals Ryan and Fetch and Korber have zero crediblity. I don't need to send off $2,500 for a useless mail order degree and I am not running around town pretending to be a copster harrasing innocent women.

What tabloids cop? Why you must mean the WT-E the rag that defends the local establishment no matter how screwed up they maybe.

Try agian swine all you have done so far is prove that you have a hidden agenaa and shown others how copsters can post tounge in cheek threats.

Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Duncan on September 07, 2006, 07:51:08 pm
"Frankly Duncan I wasn't worried about you getting the short end of the litigation stick."

like duh

"I was thinking more in terms of our Hostess. All that needs happen here is someone out to get you, and I suspect the list is long and well connected,finds you posting their info set up a suit with their local cronies have you for slander and libel and then take down this board for hosting you. Now as I suspect you can't pay your own legal fees if such arise I won't even ask if you intend to cover Debra's."

Do you not know anything about privacy issues and lawsuits? Or what constitutes libel and slander?

God another LP whimp and we have so many of them running around these days. Some guy is killed in a bar for having long hair and she doesn't want to hear about it.

Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Duncan on September 07, 2006, 08:00:39 pm
Don Nath's criminal history from the Laramie county court clerks office.













Holy sh*t Batman and just think Nath and the copsters are all good buddies.

I found out alot about Nath by talking to his brothers ex-wife Mandy Benidict. Nath has quite a history of violence he even beat up his own father. A local loser who works at Mienke Mufflers in Cheyenne. Nath was hired by Ed Hunt to work as a part time bouncer at the Cowboy and the Outlaw they both met a local race track south of Cheyenne located along HWY 85. Nath has a line fo bill collectors all chomping at the bit to get paid someday. I wondered why the attorney had aded this lsoer to the lawsuit as the guy has no money. I was told that the family went after his home owners insurance and that the insurnace company had settled right away since they also believed that Nath had killed Sells.

It's your website so you tell me what I can and can't post. I have Nath's home addy, SS#, DOB and phone #. All of this has been posted on and to date no one is being sued over it. This info was lifted form the very lawsuit I am talking about along with other info.
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Not a TMM member on September 07, 2006, 08:06:23 pm
Well gee duncan you yourself keep whining about how the good ol' boy society there runs things and it goes right to the top.
If that doesn't mean the judges all the way to the Wyo. SC then I don't know what it means.
The terms and conditions of slander and libel are determined by the court.
The court is one of your constant targets.
If they can't hurt you they may attack those who host you.

I got news man, your Quixotic ranting isn't going to help anyone, in fact it potentially opens up huge cans of shit for those around you but since you have a personal ax to grind and tolerate no dissent you make it obvious you don't care who gets hurt so long as you get to shoot off your mouth.

Brings to mind a saying about hacking at branches, look it up.
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Duncan on September 08, 2006, 12:53:55 pm
If you are not interested in this topic then why read about it and then bother to make comments that are unrelated to the topic?

Personal axe to grind? I already stated that I never met any of these people and that I don't even live in Cheyenne. I think that you have an axe to grind with me over your FSW program. This topic isn't about me or you or the FSW project. It's about a man who was murdered in Cheyenne for having long hair and the local corrupt officials behind it all. If you live in Wyoming then you might be interested in what goes on within the City were the state's capitol resides. Even if you don't live in Wyoming I sure that many folks would find this case to be very intersting especially if like me they are anarchist, as this story only proves the worthlessness of copscum and the fact the state protect no one but itself or those who serve the state rahter than the people.

How is the re- posting of personal info about a guy who is running for political office in which he alreayd ready posted his own personal info on another website a problem? Your the one with a personal problem and I have not violated the rules of this forum and so the question is why are you the one doing all the whining? Why are you the one who is off topic?

For those of you who have never been to Cheyenne I will post some back ground info for you. I call Cheyenne the "Trailer Park Capitol of the Nation" this town of 50K has more trailer parks and bars per capita than another city its same size in the entire USSA. The largest employer in Cheyenne is the Fed and many locals work at the Air Force base which is a control station for missle silos located throughout SE WY, NE CO, & SW NE. We have our very own missile silo just five miles east of Carpenter, WY and it makes me feel so safe and warm knowing that I have a nuke to protect me from those hateful arab terrorists. BLM also has a main office located on Yellowstone ave. .

The second largest employer would be the state of Wyoming and none of the groups mention run the local government. The city is run mostly by the decendants of cattle puke land barons and homesteaders. The best way to describe this lot would be to simply call them assholes. because they act like assholes and they treat others like shit if others aren't from Cheyenne. You could be from Burns or Carpenter or Pine Bluffs which are all towns just a few miles away from Cheyenne and it would make little difference to the 'assholes' of Cheyenne becuase they hate everyone who isn't from Cheyenne, but they do love your money.

There a two classes of soceity in Cheyenne those who work for the state and those who don't. The ones who don't usually work in the service sector to serve the ones who do and the ones who do work for the state are in the majority of the population. In Cheyenne you will never see any kind of serious political activism the LP is for the most part non-existent in the entire county. If I feel a need to be with fellow anarchists then I have to go to Ft. Collins to find me one.

The pay in Cheyenne sucks and thus the reaosn for so many trialer parks. The rest of Wyoming pretty much hates Cheyenne and wish it would fall off the face of the planet. They nearly had a range war oncew over were the capitol city should go. Should it go to Casper or Cheyenne and like what's the difference as both towns are made up of assholes? The Cheyenne 'assholes' won out. Cheyenne started off as railroad town a place to pick up cattle and then deliver them to Chicago. The first white boys in the area were the French fur trappers and then came the Amerikan fur trappers and then came what were called the "Cattle Barons' a group of 'assholes' who thought that everything in the area was thier to steal and do with as they please. If you ever saw that movie with Steve McQeen about Tom Horn it was all true the 'assholes' left the guy out to dry and used him. This sort of mind think still exists in Cheyenne and the 'asshole' legacy of the Cheyenne Cattlemans Association lives on.

Cheyenne is a dirty looking town and when you drive around the city you think to your self "Who was the 'asshole' that designed these city streets. There ain't a street in town that goes striaght for more than a mile or two. To get from the north end of town to the south end you have to go around the Air National Guard Base and who was the 'asshole' that put a air strip right smack dab in the middle of town? You learn that things in Cheyenne are never done based on what is best for society things are done on what
is best for the 'assholes' if 'asshole' #1 needs money then he goes to his buddy "asshole" #2 who works for the City and gets
"asshole" #2 to buy his land at over infalted prices and then "asshole" #2 gets "asshole" #3 who works for the Fed to fund a major project like a airport right smack dab in the middle of town were the land is located that asshole #1 sold to asshole #2. It works like this in alot of places not just Cheyenne but in Cheyenne they are more careless about it and really don't give a shit what people think. In most places you can get the public to influence the public officlas but not in Cheyenne and this is what sets Cheyenne apart from other cities.
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Not a TMM member on September 08, 2006, 11:08:06 pm
First no, it's not my FSP.  I'm not involved in any of that.
I kept a loose watch on it but no, I never joined nor had any real interest in it.

Second, nope not a Libertarian either.  I have no political affiliation whatever anymore.
You do enjoy a good negative rant don't you?
Do you find it contradictory that you said in your last post Sells got killed over long hair yet in a previous post you said it had nothing to do with his hair?


It really had nothing to do with Dwayne's long hair.

Which is it?

Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Duncan on September 11, 2006, 12:00:50 pm
"You do enjoy a good negative rant don't you?'

Ever been to Cheyenne? Negative or rather a realistic point of view? Do you see anything postive in killing a guy over the length of his hair?

"Do you find it contradictory that you said in your last post Sells got killed over long hair yet in a previous post you said it had nothing to do with his hair?"


It really had nothing to do with Dwayne's long hair.

"Which is it?'

I haven't finished my so-called rant. I posted that this a rather involved story. You took a quote from a post that is well over a year old and I re-posted it here to give the reader some back ground info about this case as most of the people on this forum don't even live in Wyoming much less Cheyenne and no one here seems to know anyhting about this case.

I met Mandy Benedict thru the Cycle World website discussion forum and later we met in person at the Eagles Nest bar were Dwayne use to work part time on the weekends. Mandy brought her husband along and he had some what of a close resemblience to Dwayne. He is tall and thin like Dwayne and has long blonde hair which is shoulder length much like Dwayne's. I had an intial theory that because Don and Steve Nath hated Mandy so much and had a few run ins with her husband at the Cowboy and the Outlaw that when Dwayne walked in the bar the first thing they may have thought of was Mandy's husband. Keep in mind Steve Nath was having a bacheolor party, Mandy is his ex-wife, all of the participants of the party were all drunk, the lighting was dim and it was 1:30am. It was conjecture at the time and I still think that it might have been a small part of the real reason Sells was murdered thatr night. I have since discovered more aobut the people who murdered Sells and why. The reasons are more involved than a guy getting killed for having long hair.

Now get off of my back and stop being a control freak so that can continue with the why.

There is a reason why the many inhabititants of Cheyenne are 'assholes' it has alot to do with the history and enviroment of the area. White people began to settle in the area in mass around the 1860's with the advent of the Fed's "Homestead Act" and the free land that went with it and many of them left as they simply couldn't make a go of it. Another wave of people would arrive to the area from the 1890's thru the 1910's and once agian many of these people were forced to leave due to the extreme enivormental conditions. It was a hard life that made people hard towards others. People looked out for number one because looking out for others besides your immediate family would deplete hard to come buy resources and you could suffer greatly as a result. Slikering another guy out of his money was way of life for many people and the only way they knew how to survive.

As a kid growing up in the area in the 1960's I had noticed that a favorite past time of the locals in the Cheyenne area was fist fighting. Back then the copster never did arrest people they would just act as referees if someone used a weapon then thye would arrest soemone but otherwise they would just let the drunks fight it out until thye were both to tired to fight any more. Larimer and Weld counties, both located in Coloroado and along the WY/CO border, were both dry counties in the 1960's so if a guy wnated to hit the bar scene he or she would have to go to Cheyenne. Cheyenne was a party town and people loved to bar brawl. It was a mahco thing i.e who was the biggest, baddest bronc riding motherfucker around? And many men vied for the title of being the baddest guy around town. My own father was a cowboy who rode in the Frontier Days like his dad had done, only the difference was that my father rode Bulls. Why would anyone ride a Brahama Bull unless they had something to prove? Men rode Broncs for the sole purpose of breaking them and then making them into working stock. Riding a Bull has no redeeming value what so ever other than to prove that you are the baddest motherfucker around.

The point of all of this is to show and explain the why. Jay Payne the punk who intiated the fight with Sells cottoned himself as being a badass or the baddest motherfucker around. He wasn't and he he still isn't shit. This coward ran away from his crime of murder and was last seen hiding out in Florida with his butt buddy Josh Cooper. No real cowboy would have continued to kicked a man to death after he had gone down. Only a coward would have called on four of his punk friends to help him kick a man to death. This is the MO of Ed Hunt, Jay Payne, Josh Cooper, Don Nath and Steve Nath. These are all punks who don't have the balls to fight a man one on one. This also the trait of a bouncer who has been coached by the local copscum on how to start a fight and make it look lie the other guy started it. ed Hunt is the lead bouncer of this bar and the people who helped him kill Sells were all aprt time bouncers whom Ed had all hired and coached. Jay payne was the protege of Ed Hunt. Hunt taguth payne everyhting he knows on how to be a coward. These fucks think that it is fuuny to kill man. They are laughing now along with thier copscum pals with the Cheyenne PD. Oh and did I forget to mention that fact that Jay Payne is related to Leo Pando the former mayor of Cheyenne who also happens to be a retired Cheyenne copster?

This isn't the first time these punks have all banded together to beat the crap out of someone, but it is the first time they killed an innocent man. It really had nothing with the length of Dwayne's hair, it had everything to do with the fact that Cheyenne is a city built on a culture of who can be the biggest asshole.

Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Duncan on September 12, 2006, 11:56:43 am

2020 Capitol Avenue
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001
(307) 637-6521

Robert D. Fecht, Chief of Police

"The Cheyenne Police Department is a progressive agency of 94 sworn officers and 31 civilians. The Police Department works to serve the community with many innovative programs, .... "

Sure they do.


I first learned about what had happened to Sells whilst I was delivering the Riders For Justice news letter to the local H/D dealer in Cheyenne. As I was dropping off the RFJ newsletter an employee working the counter asked me if I heard about the biker who was killed at the bar across the street for having long hair? I had told him I hadn't and then he gave me a short version of what had happened. Intially I had found this story hard to believe and felt that the issue may have been a bit over exagerated and what had possibly happened was that Sells was drunk and started a fight and maybe the guy had it coming. I wrote the whole thing off until the first Cheyenne Herald story came out about the murder and at this point my ideas about what had happened that night took a 180 degree change.

I joined the local ABATE organization and started to ask questions about Sells from the people who knew him personally and to date I have never heard anyone say anything bad about the guy. Sells had no enemies, he never drank to excess, he never started any fights and he had no criminal history. Sells held down two jobs and he had a seven year old daughter, whom he took responsibility to care for. Sells was not only the president of the local ABATE chapter he was also the state rep for a national group call the Motorcycle Rights Federation, which lobby's federal polticians and he had just returned form D.C. were he had met with Barbara Cubin WY state Senator.

I also learned that Sells was a disabled Gulf War Veteran. He had picked up some kind of disease while he had served in Saudi Arabia which would later cuase him to have two strokes. I was told that he ended up at the dreaded Denver VA were he was given drugs that reduced him to a babbling idiot. A close freind had checked him out of the VA hospital and took him off the mind altering drugs after which he became his old self. Hopefully most of you click on the link to the site and saw Dwayne's pic. Sells did not look like a guy who was 35 years of age hecould have passed for a 50 year old. The reason he was aging beyind his years was related to his strokes and the fact that he was on coumadin which is a blood thinnner used by heart patients to prevent strokes. With this in mind I was certain that he didn't start the fight becuase he knew what would happen to him if he ever became involed in any kind of violent altercation i.e. he would bleed to death.

I'm very familiar with the down side of using a blood thinner like coumadin as I am also on this drug.

I met the Sells family. Dwayne's dad Jack Sells is a retired firefighter and still works at the Air National Guard base as an officer who oversees security for the base. The guy is apart of the system and believed in it until his son was killed and the copscum worked to cover up his sons's murder. I met Shaun Sells Dwayne's brother who has a regular job, is a lay preacher at a local church with a wife and two little kids. I met Dwayne's mom and his little girl Ashlyn. These people are your typical normal american family who believed in the system and learned the hard way that it just doesn't work.

This entire family who all worked paid taxes and believed in the system has been damaged for life. Imagine telling a little seven year old girl that her daddy was killed in a bar room brawl and she will never see him agian. This is exactly what happened. I saw the little girl at a memorial ceremony for Dwayne that was held behind the VFW post on Nationway ave. in Cheyenne in which a small plaque was added to several other small plaques on a stone wall. Ashlyn was in tears before the ceremony had ended. I had a hard time getting thru it myself and i didn't even know the guy. Sells could have been me in that bar, he could have been you or your brother. Just remeber this when you are about to blow this issue off and ignore it.

I got a real fucking problem with it myself so excuse the fuck out of me if you think that I am to negative for your precious fucking website. I have always had little use for fence sitters as I see these people as apart of the problem.
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Duncan on September 12, 2006, 11:58:45 am
This is a re-post and the issue in question came out last August not this August.


The lastest edition of the Herald is out, so please pick one up and read it. For those of you who don't live in Cheyenne here are few quotes from the Herald.

"The Sells family investigator went with the witness to the Cheyenne police department on August 2nd. When offered up to make a statment, the department said they already had his statement. When requested to produce such a statement, they could not." -Featherly

"The Sells investigator found the woman, a registered nurse, and also provided her to the police department to have a statement made. She (the RN) told the Sells investigator that she had called the department several times and they never responded to her messages." - Featherly

Wow the family was forced to hire their own PI as the Cheyenne PD was once agian found with their heads up their collective asses. Pay your taxes and rely on the syestem and what does it get you?

"(Laramie County Corner)Bill Ryan's crediblity has taken two serious hits in the past year. The Cheyenne Herald has reported on his activity of stopping feamle drivers by using the emergency lights on his offical corner's vehicle." -Featherly

Ryan has called for a corners inquest to look into the death of Sells. Ryan is one of the good ole boys and I see a whitewash job coming out of his inquest. The woman mentioned in the news story sued Ryan over his illegal traffic stop of her in which he posed as a cop. The woman was later awarded a sum of money by the court. This case also went Hollywood and will be seen on a TV series called "The Law Firm" and even Hollywierd found that Ryan was in the wrong.

"The other issue the county corner has been criticized about by the Herald was a death certificate that he signed and the cause of death attested to by him was contradicted in an autopsy report performed on the deceased and paid for by the family." - Featherly

"One who is familiar with Bill Ryan told the Herald tended to ask "friends with the Kiwanis Club" to serve as jurors. When asked on Friday, August 12th, who the three jurors would be, Ryan did not respond." -Featherly

WOW!!!! We have a real can of worms here. This guy Ryan is a joke.

Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Duncan on September 12, 2006, 12:16:22 pm
I went to the guv's office personally and gave his office a copy of the Herald. The guv didn't care. I went to the state AG's office and Crank didn't care. The reason he didn't want to get involved is because one of his attorney's was at the bar that night and was a witness to the killing.

In Wyoming the AG is appointed by the guv which would explian why the guv didn't want to get involved or ask the AG to get involved by calling out the DCI and have them investigate this murder. Many of the DCI pukes are ex-Cheyenne copscum and they are all copscum.

Over a year ago myself, Brian Cox (an ABATE member now the Master at Arms) and Wendy Cima ( then prez of Cheyenne ABATE and now the Wyoming ABATE prez), all went to the local Sheriff Danny Glick and asked him to investigate the murder of Sells. He gave the issue lip service for fear that it might cost him the next election if he didn't at least make it appear that he was interested but in the end he did nothing as well.

I even went to a town meeting being held by Barbara Cubin, of course the bitch never showed because she is a do-nothing repukelican who only exist to fill a spot for her fellow repukelicans. I was told by her minions that she would do nothing for Sells either, even though she had known him to be a respected member of the community whom she had met with personally to discuss transportation issues.

And people wonder why I'm an anarchsit who wants to abolish the state. I always give these statist pricks a chance to prove me wrong, but they always prove that I am correct. The state serves no one but itself as it is run by self serving swine who care nothing about the people they supposedly serve. The ever worthless Cheyenne PD is now spying on me and trying real hard to set me up rather than go after the real criminals, but then these swine would have to go after themselves and admit to thier own complicity in this case.

I was recently nominated to the postion of Secretary for ABATE Cheyenne. Let us see what the copscum do with this one.
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Duncan on September 13, 2006, 05:33:41 pm
Laramie County Civil case # 16717 Jack Sells v HEJE corp aka Susan Hein, Mitch Jedlicki & Don Nath

Jay Payne: "Reputation of hitting people with beer bottles. Previously removed from bar."

Josh Cooper: "Under age." Was busted for alcohol possesion found guilty of same and failed to pay the fine. A warrant was issued for his arrest on 11-12-04.

Susan Hein: "Stood by & watched the fight develop."

The bars history of violent behiavior on the part of the bouncers.

Nov., 2003 assault

Nov., 2003 stabbing

Nov., 2005 assault

Mitch Jedlicki - Four time convicted felon who hired the local copscum to work security at the bar for cash. The entire Cheyenne PD investigation team worked for the felon Mitch. These are the same people who pretended to investigate the murder of Sells and called his death an accident. Jedlicki's latest felony was the crime of check fraud in which he stiffed his former employees. He was convicted on 5/28/04 docket #27-963 and placed on probation. He failed his UI and his probation officer moved to revoke his probation and send him to prison. The judge refused and the DA supported his pal Mitch. Why? Because Mitch and Ed Hunt are both police informants for the local copscum.

I was at the Coroners inquest and when the phony coroners jury stated that Sells death was an accident the police Chief of Cheyenne Fecht went to the back of the room and gave his pal Ed Hunt a big hug and a high five right in front of the Sells family.

Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Duncan on September 13, 2006, 05:37:28 pm

Cheyenne Police Chief Got Degree from Diploma Mill
Associated Press

The city of Cheyenne has paid for the city’s police chief to earn a masters degree from a suspected diploma mill.

Police Chief Bob Fecht got the degree from Lacrosse University in Mississippi.

The chief does not defend the school or the degrees it offers. He says he was interested in the coursework and the research.

Fecht says the research projects and studies he did all involve issues in Cheyenne and have helped him and the department serve the community.

Lacrosse is an online university that offers to give students college credit for life experiences. It has been mentioned in reports by the General Accounting Office as a suspected diploma mill.


And so were is Fetch's thesis?

It usually take three years to acquire a masters degree and not just a check for $2,500. The University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colorado has a criminal justice program and he could have gone there it is only 50 miles away. the University of Wyoming in Laramie has a criminal justice program and they even have online courses. But due to his lack of character Fecht took the easy way, but then he is after all just another lazy copscum.

Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Duncan on September 13, 2006, 05:39:12 pm
I found this on the net. It is the lawsuit of KAREN ALLEN VS. BILL RYAN on the NBC program "The Law Firm" and the county coroner lost.

"Karen was pulled over by Bill, who was using police lights and sirens, for a traffic violation. Later, she discovered that Bill is not a police officer but a county coroner with no police authority. She is suing for damages."

Karen won her case and Ryan lost.

This is the hick Ryan's statement to the court. It should be noted that Ryan is an ex-copster from LA and not from Cheyenne. It is a crime to impersonate a police officer it is also a crime for Ryan to have red and blue flashing lights on his vehicle. The county comissioners ordered him to remove the lights.

Did you agree with the verdict? 83% Yes 17% No

And the people have decided that Ryan was wrong. Not much credibility here and this is just an example of the kind of hicks we all have to deal with in Laramie county.
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Duncan on September 18, 2006, 10:37:15 am

William C. Ryan


William Carroll "Bill" Ryan, 66, of Cheyenne died Aug. 26 at his home.

He was born Oct. 12, 1939, in Cheyenne and had lived here most of his life.

Bill served in the Wyoming Air National Guard where he achieved the rank of senior master sergeant and was called to active duty during the Gulf War.

Bill attended the American College of Forensic Examiners, Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy Coroners Basic Training, Homeland Security Weapons of Mass Destruction courses, FBI Terrorism courses and achieved a Level 3 Homeland Security Certification. He served as the Laramie County Coroner for the last 16 years and was a Wyoming licensed embalmer and a funeral director for Wiederspahn-Radomsky Chapel Of The Chimes for over 40 years.

Bill was the past Grand Knight of Knights of Columbus Council 801, Past Faithful Navigator of Knights of Columbus Assembly 1223, past president of Cheyenne Kiwanis Club, and past Lt. Governor of Kiwanis Division 13. He was also a member of the Wyoming State Coroners Board, American Legion Post 6, and the Moose Lodge.

He is survived by his wife, Christine L. (Garcia) Ryan of Cheyenne, whom he married March 18, 1978, in Cheyenne; his father, Frederick L. "Fred" Ryan of Cheyenne; a son and daughter-in-law, Douglas K. and Kim Ryan of Northglenn, Colo.; two daughters and a son-in-law, Shannon M. Ryan of Cheyenne and Kerry C. "K.C." and Todd Jochim of Lakeside, Mont.; two sisters and brothers-in-law, Sherry and Gene Nelson of Cheyenne and Joyce and Howard Holmstrom of Arvada, Colo.; six grandchildren, Ryan, Noah, Haley, and Logan Jochim, all of Lakeside, and Taylor and Kennedy Ryan, both of Northglenn.

Bill was preceded in death by his mother, Maurine G. Ryan and a son, Timothy P. Ryan.

Vigil for the deceased will be 7 p.m. tonight Thursday at Holy Trinity Catholic Church with Bishop David L. Ricken officiating.

Funeral liturgy will be 1 p.m. Friday at St. Mary's Cathedral with Bishop Joseph Hart as the celebrant.

Casket bearers are Russ Zasadil, Tim George, Ron Kisicki, Lucky Burback, Marc Thayer, and Ron Sargent.

Honorary casket bearers are all of his friends.

Military honors will be provided by the Wyoming Air National Guard.

Cremation will follow at Cheyenne Memorial Gardens.

Services are under the direction of Wiederspahn-Radomsky Chapel Of The Chimes.

Friends may send contributions in his memory to the Hospice Davis Foundation or the Kiwanis Foundation.

This is a paid obituary.

One down and few dozen left to go.
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Duncan on September 18, 2006, 10:41:11 am
Every year at this time we bikers have what is called the annual "Nut Run", which occurs in Severance, Colorado at a place called "Bruce's". "Bruce's" is a local icon and noted for its Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Ed Hunt was seen by two members of Cheyenne ABATE to be stalking me while was in attendance.
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: The big D on September 25, 2006, 05:22:20 pm
The FBI was contacted and they didn't care. The Federal Grand Jury was contacted and they sent me to the FBI.

And yet another reason to abolish the state.
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: The dunkman on November 20, 2006, 01:32:28 pm
And yet another reason not to move to the STATE Wyoming.
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Moderator on November 20, 2006, 02:58:29 pm
And yet another reason not to move to the STATE Wyoming.

I warned you not to try to insert yourself back in here after being banned, Duncan. I warned that if you did I'd systematically begin deleting your existing posts. I'll remove the most recent 10 posts by Duncan right now to show you I was serious. Come back once more and I'll delete everything you ever posted here.

If you truly think your opinions are so valuable, then you'll stay away and let them stand.
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Ted Nielsen on November 21, 2006, 12:37:46 pm
And yet another reason not to move to the STATE Wyoming.

I warned you not to try to insert yourself back in here after being banned, Duncan. I warned that if you did I'd systematically begin deleting your existing posts. I'll remove the most recent 10 posts by Duncan right now to show you I was serious. Come back once more and I'll delete everything you ever posted here.

If you truly think your opinions are so valuable, then you'll stay away and let them stand.

Once you get past Duncans abrasive manner he does provide good information. Your threat to delete all of Duncans posts reminds me of the picture book The Commissar Vanishes (
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: dunk1 on January 01, 2007, 05:33:35 pm
Delete away. You and this forum are of little importance to me.

Frankly I am tried of the ever arrogant LP who has all the answers, but never has the balls to cary out their own postion.

I've never took the postion of feeling that have any importance. What is in important to me are the issues that I choose to involve myself with. You on the other hand feel that you have importance which is the MO of most blowhard LP that I have encountered in my life time. People like L Neil Smith, BP and others. These folks lose presepctive of what is important. Liberty is all that matters to me. In the case O f Sells Justice is all that matters here.

You ain't sh*t to me asswipe. Please delete this thread as this is issue should not be asscoiated with shallow minded self serving scum like you and yours.
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Kirsten on January 01, 2007, 06:13:22 pm
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Rarick on January 02, 2007, 03:26:35 am
There are a lot of folks lurking but not posting.  The information is of interest but the means of delivery............

It looks like the messenger may shoot himself this time.
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: DiabloLoco on May 09, 2014, 08:45:12 pm
Ummmmmmm........What? :huh:
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Moonbeam on May 09, 2014, 09:28:52 pm
It was important for me and my family as we were victims from mitch jedlicki and its hard to know what name he is using. He had a child with my mother never paid a dime in child support. He took things from us not sure out of distress or evil that made things very hard for us. He also did a lot of good for us kids. Does anyone have address information on him? Surely his mom would like to have picture of her grand son

Just had to keep a copy of that before it's 86'ed!  :laugh:
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Tipitaka on May 09, 2014, 10:56:58 pm
This thread is off its meds...
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Rarick on May 10, 2014, 07:33:50 am
Why was it resurrected, 7+ years old..........
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: MamaLiberty on May 10, 2014, 08:50:50 am
Why was it resurrected, 7+ years old..........

A spammer... a troll...  :dnftt:

Account of the spammer was nuked.
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: DiabloLoco on May 10, 2014, 08:59:41 am
Why was it resurrected, 7+ years old..........

A spammer... a troll...  :dnftt:

Account of the spammer was nuked.
I don't get how that post was spam though. They weren't selling anything or pushing some type of invention/idea/some other agenda. That post confused me. :laugh: It would be like posting in the twinkie thread about applying for a home equity loan. :rolleyes:
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: MamaLiberty on May 10, 2014, 09:07:12 am
I don't get how that post was spam though. They weren't selling anything or pushing some type of invention/idea/some other agenda. That post confused me. :laugh: It would be like posting in the twinkie thread about applying for a home equity loan. :rolleyes:

Nonsense posts are lumped in with spam/trolls in my book. A key component is a nonsense post to a thread many years old, with content that barely or clearly does not relate.  This qualified easily. :)
Title: Re: Justice for Sells
Post by: Rarick on May 14, 2014, 05:10:29 am
It was important for me and my family as we were victims from mitch jedlicki and its hard to know what name he is using. He had a child with my mother never paid a dime in child support. He took things from us not sure out of distress or evil that made things very hard for us. He also did a lot of good for us kids. Does anyone have address information on him? Surely his mom would like to have picture of her grand son

Just had to keep a copy of that before it's 86'ed!  :laugh:

Like reading stuff out of SPLC...........  OOPS! sorry supposed to be laid to rest thread.......