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Title: Firearms Reference Library (updated 3/13)
Post by: Moderator on November 16, 2006, 08:56:01 pm
This thread is simply a list of links to useful firearms information across the web. More will be added from time to time, as they come to my attention. If you know of a link you think should be included here, please submit it to me (Moderator) by PM. If I agree, I'll add it in.


Informational Articles:

Cartridge Basics (
Ballistics Basics (
Pistol practice drills (
Revolver checkout (
Everything you wanted to know about the .223 cartridge (
Determining AR-15 round count (large pics) (
Practical Long-Range Rifle Shooting (by Zak Smith):
  *  Part I: The Rifle and Gear (
  *  Part II: Long Range Optics (
  *  Part III: Shooting (
The Trouble With 3-Shot Groups (

Surplus Gun & Ammo Dealers:

Ammoman (NJ) ( (shipping included in prices)
J&G Sales (AZ) (
AIM Surplus (OH) (
Ammunitionstore (OH) (
J and C Sales (OH) (
Southern Ohio Gun (OH) (
Classic Arms (NC) (
Dan's Sporting Goods (PA) (
Tapco (GA) ( (no ammo)
Allan's Armory (FL) (
Cole Distributing (KY) (
Empire Arms (FL) ( (no ammo)
Interordnance (NC) (
Centerfire Systems (KY) (
Northridge (CA) (
Military Gun Supply (TX) (

Reloading Supplies, Parts, & Factory Ammo:

Cabelas (
Widener's ( (also some surplus)
Numrich ( (most comprehensive parts supplier out there)
Midway USA (
Natchez Shooters Supplies (
Brownells (


Gunboards ( (older military rifles, C&R stuff) ( (extensive classifieds section)
The High Road ( (good general information)
Title: Re: Firearms Reference Library (updated 3/13)
Post by: kirgi07 on May 15, 2016, 10:35:06 am
Thank you for your efforts. Ought 7.