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Title: Oath Affirmation in Knoxville, TN - April 15th
Post by: Rand Cardwell on April 11, 2009, 07:39:11 pm

I live in Knoxville, TN and I'm one of several organizers that have managed to link together several different, grassroots movements in our area. We're combining our efforts to put on a Tax Day Tea Party at the World's Fair Park. This event/protest is to raise awareness of the once silent majority. There are many people that will be attending that represent a diverse group that range from lifelong freedom fighters to those that are just waking up to what is happening.

The biggest reason I wanted to post about this event (and I realize that few of you can attend due to geographic concerns) is that Stewart Rhodes, founder of the Oath Keepers, will be our featured speaker. We will also hold an Oath Keeper Ceremony that will be filmed for the OK website.

So, if you live near Knoxville, and can't make it to Lexington, then consider joining us in Knoxville on the 15th. It is our hope that the Oath Keeper ceremony will become SOP at other events/protests/gatherings across our nation. We've got a fair amount of media coverage lined up and hope we get some national attention.

Anyway, here is a link to the Knoxville event. -

You are all invited to join us in this ceremony as we send a clear and strong message to the powers that be.

Semper Fi,
Rand Cardwell
Oath Keeper since 1986

PS> I just got word from two patriots from Louisiana that will attend the Knoxville ceremony and then travel to Lexington Green on the 19th for that one. I'm amazed of the support.
Title: Re: Oath Affirmation in Knoxville, TN - April 15th
Post by: da gooch on April 11, 2009, 09:37:55 pm
Thanks Rand.

That Stewart what a gadfly .... he must be sleeping in two hour shifts ... he seems to be everywhere ...

Thanks for putting this up and thanks for "helping out" with the organizing angle.

We have gotten permission from the Appleseed Project to [Shoot Boss permitting] read the 10 Orders, the 7 Principles AND IF there is any interest to reaffirm or administer the Oath at the Appleseed Shoots that are scheduled on the 18th and 19th of April this year.
Which means I need to get a brochure/flier/leaflet whatever worked out and pronto.

Well DoneĀ  :thumbsup:

Keep up the Good Work.

edit to modify the elements of the planned ceremony at Appleseeds.
We will be reading our 10 Orders and that after a short  "This is what we are and what we are trying to do" speech then the Orders We Will Not Obey and then Offer the Oath to any and all. [Reaffirming is the same as Taking ..... ]
ALL of this is planned and approved with the gracious consent of the Shoot Boss at each Appleseed Shoot.
[They are in charge and Responsible so they get to decide whether it happens in the middle of the day or at the end of the official Appleseed program.]
Title: Re: Oath Affirmation in Knoxville, TN - April 15th
Post by: Rand Cardwell on April 12, 2009, 11:58:51 pm
Two active-duty Marines visited my home on Saturday. Many hours were spent talking about the Corps, both when I served and now. The bond between Marines is a difficult thing to explain to others. It is like a torch that is passed from generation to generation. Each, in turn, strives to uphold the tradition, honor and fighting spirit that has been developed since 1775, when "our" Marine Corps was born. These two young Marines are examples of the type of men that now carry that torch. They are hard. They are committed. They are the modern version of the same spirit that has given so much to this nation.

Our lengthy discussions included the Oath Keepers. They had to head back to base today, but wanted to let all of you know that if they could, they would have stood with usĀ  at the ceremony in Knoxville or Lexington Green. But, duty calls and they must answer.

I am honored to say that one of those two young Marines was my son. Both he and his friend understand the importance of their oaths. They stand with us. They understand that unlawful orders will not be obeyed, if those orders are against the American people. They have pledged to pass the word about the Oath Keepers to other Marines.

I feel extremely honored, being a former Marine, to have my son serve in the Corps. Like I told him last night, "You are my son, but now we are also brothers." A bond few know and less understand. It is inspiring to talk to this generation of Marines and watch their reaction to the Oath Keeper video. Then hear their words, spoken from their hearts, that they stand with us without question or hesitation.

Many people have raised concerns if our military would act against the American people. I feel that is one of the base reason that the Oath Keepers came into existence. It educates those in service of the obligation they have to the American people and to the Constitution. Many are listening and many are in agreement with us... the Oath Keepers.