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Title: Wounded Knee
Post by: crepemyrtle357 on May 06, 2009, 09:55:25 am
Not sure of everyones pbs schedule, but American Experience is going to have a show on Wounded Knee 1973. It will air on our station on Monday May 11. It is the last episode of "we shall remain" series.
Title: Re: Wounded Knee
Post by: NuclearDruid on May 12, 2009, 01:57:31 pm
Watched the end of it last night. Loved how they explained about FBI's COINTELPRO creating division and suspicions with the AIM movement. How the FBI let Richard Wilson's goons go on a killing spree after the siege ended and looking the other way. This is especiallu timely now (though I doubt the show producers realize it) as Goobermint is still trying to muck things up twenty five years later in the prosecution of the killers of Annie Mae Aquash (one of the AIM survivors of Wounded Knee who the FBI labeled as a goobermint informant so that AIM would have her knocked off.)

Week away, Aquash trial stalled by appeal (

But U.S. District Judge Lawrence Piersol delayed the trial until a higher court rules on an appeal over his dismissal of one of three counts in the indictment against Graham.

Prosecutors and Marshall’s attorney had filed a joint motion requesting a 60-day continuance, but Piersol said he would not set a new trial date until after a ruling from the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Last week, Piersol dismissed an aiding and abetting charge against Graham because neither he nor Aquash belong to a federally recognized tribe, which is required for the federal government to have jurisdiction in the case. Graham and Aquash are from Canadian tribes. U.S. Attorney Marty Jackley is appealing the dismissal.

Days before Graham was to stand trial last October for Aquash’s murder, Piersol dismissed the indictment against him for the same reason. Graham was then re-indicted along with Marshall.