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Title: Beirut thrives with a lack of opressive laws
Post by: amagi on August 31, 2009, 01:05:09 pm
Maybe it is that Beirut succeeds precisely where it fails. It is alive with the din, dirt and mystique of a crowded old city. The collapsing infrastructure, impenetrable bureaucracy, awful road conditions and non-existent zoning laws somehow all add up to a place that never dies, never falters, no matter how many attempts are made on its life. Even the rebuilt downtown district, Solidere, which critics accused of an Epcot-like feel when it was unveiled in the late 1990s, is slowly getting re-absorbed into the noisy, dusty street-life of the rest of the city.
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Article here:

I read a blog written from Beirut by a native.  Fascinating place.  I got started when she was reporting from the ground during the recent war with Israel.