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Title: History Channel's "After Armageddon"
Post by: Ex-Squid on March 06, 2010, 06:34:54 pm
I didn't see any posts that mention the show (used the search feature). It aired on the History Channel. Not sure if its replaying but below is the first of 9 Youtube links someone put up.

I thought it was entertaining. A good 'talking point' for someone on the fence about preparing for at least some sort of disaster. It follows a family and if I had been the guy's wife, I'd have bitch-slapped him for waiting so long to bug out.

Anyway. Not a bad bit of TV. Enjoy. Chat. Have some veal.
Title: Re: History Channel's "After Armageddon"
Post by: Moonbeam on March 08, 2010, 01:59:38 pm
DH and I watched the episodes via YouTube last night. It really hit home for us...
Title: Re: History Channel's "After Armageddon"
Post by: Bear on March 08, 2010, 05:06:21 pm
The wife, and I, and the daughter watched it the first time it came around. I was pleased
by the conversation afterward. They had already been thinking along those lines, so when
they brought issues up, I explained what I had in mind. I have tended not to dwell on it
too much in conversation with them since the wife tends to get worked up (in a bad way)
about these things, and the daughter is just tired of the MSM 'booga booga'.

The talk we had during and after the show was very worth while.

Title: Re: History Channel's "After Armageddon"
Post by: Moonbeam on March 10, 2010, 01:47:13 pm
Yeh, it really bothered me that they waited so long to leave. I have to believe (or my brain will melt) that the producers wanted to show some stupid moves such as trying to get on the interstate ramp, going to the store weeks later thinking you'll buy some food, thinking that you'd have running water even though the electricity was out, to name a few, as a way to *educate* folks about what's it like WTSHTF.

The scene that haunts me is showing the toddler walking down the street by themselves. Ugh, my heart almost vaporized...

BEAR - I usually bring things up later with DH by saying something like, "So I was thinking about doing X, you know, like what we saw on the Y show. What do you think?" Or "I was thining about what John Doe did on that Y show, but I think doing Z would be better." I'm trying to engage his Macgyver side...