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Title: Missoula women flock to gun-safety classes
Post by: Basil Fishbone on July 04, 2012, 09:49:06 am

Missoula women flock to gun-safety classes

Ashley Rice was raised by hippie parents who taught her guns are not the answer.

Then she moved to Missoula to get her master’s degree, and Montana’s gun culture surrounded her.

It scared her, too.

The Nebraska woman, a firm believer in educating herself, decided that instead of being afraid of guns, she would sign up for a firearms safety course.

The first time she pulled the trigger, she hit the bull’s-eye.

“It was a very strangely empowering thing,” Rice said. “I felt really capable, and I’ve never felt capable through anything outside of education before in my life. That was a really weird thing for me.”

Rice is among the many students who are flocking to Gary Marbut’s firearms safety classes this year. Marbut, a firearms expert and author of “Gun Laws of Montana,” holds three or four full classes in a typical spring.  ...<snip>...
Title: Re: Missoula women flock to gun-safety classes
Post by: MamaLiberty on July 04, 2012, 10:21:27 am

I've really got to get busy and start advertising again. Much too lazy last year and only gave a few classes. Great inspiration!
Title: Re: Missoula women flock to gun-safety classes
Post by: slidemansailor on December 12, 2014, 09:57:20 am
While not OSHA-approved, a lot of regular prescription glasses serve quite well for 99% of the fragment risk in a normal shooting environment.  While genuine safety glasses frames are sturdier, it is the plastic lenses that do the main job. 

Of course prescription safety glasses are a better choice and can be had relatively inexpensively.

Best of all worlds is to find an optometrist who is also a shooter that understands the requirements of arm's-length focus on front sights as well as some pretty good picture of targets.

P.S. Those cutsie miniature lenses are useful for Halloween costumes, but do not qualify with me as real glasses for any other purpose.
Title: Re: Missoula women flock to gun safety cl
Post by: eyeon on December 12, 2014, 12:03:21 pm
A lot of us are wearing glasses these days. Got anything that goes over them?

If you want stylish, that's hard to come by.  Functional, there are a reasonable number of options.

e.g., (  I've a set of the Guardian Pros which I use for shooting regularly, and they're great.  The Pyramex are OK too.  The Radians are more "lab goggle" style, but they're good for reloading and such things.

You can get prescription shooting glasses; that's a bit pricier since they'd be custom.

There are also safety glasses built with a frame behind the protective lenses made to mount prescription lenses; that way you can pay for one set of prescription lenses, and mount them behind multiple different tints for different conditions.

As slidemansailor said, regular prescription glasses with shatter-proof lenses (polycarbonate) can work OK too.  I prefer extra, especially when I'm shooting steel.  They give more coverage too, especially to the sides.  Also I'd rather scratch up my $15 safety glasses than my $100 seeing glasses  :) .
Title: Re: Missoula women flock to gun-safety classes
Post by: slidemansailor on December 12, 2014, 08:48:23 pm
Perhaps it was some odd alignment of the cosmos, but I happened in to Wally*World  with a current prescription. I bought a tinted lens pair of prescription glasses for, I think, $85-$90. Then I bought untinted prescription safety glasses for $25.  I actually had difficulty believing the price, but the clerk claimed that Wally*World wanted me to have safety glasses and were thus encouraging me with the low price.

Now, I don't know if deals like that exist today or if so where. But I don't think the "they are expensive" necessarily applies to prescription safety glasses. 
Title: Re: Missoula women flock to gun-safety classes
Post by: phoenix227 on March 02, 2015, 07:54:20 pm

I am also a big fan of wiley x.. They make eye protection/sunglasses.. military grade

Not cheap, but worth it.. I like having many options.. Eyeglasses with safety glasses over top.. Contacts with regular shades.. Prescription sunglasses.. You really don't want to limit yourself when SHTF.. For the more daring of the group, consider something like these...