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Title: local grain, at harvest time, is $10 for 50 lbs (one bushel) or less
Post by: GK on April 25, 2015, 11:44:55 pm
50c per lb or less, and legumes (mostly soybeans but also peanuts in some states) same thing. You can get by on 3 lbs per day per person. So a years supply is about $500. but you'll have to clean it ((without water) and pack it yourself, with dry ice, bay leaves, vacum sealed, etc. and it will only be nutricious for about  2 years.

Hard winter wheat, honey, and salt, however, last forever. So about half of my food cache is so composed, along with plenty of paraffin for almost scentless, smokeless cooking. and no hassles about wet fuel, noise and "sign" of cutting and hauling wood, etc.