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 on: Today at 10:25:17 am 
Started by FDD - Last post by colonial shooter
I was in a conversation with my neighbors just yesterday about this subject. One of them pointed out that the city council will be "shooting themselves in the foot, as most of the revenue from RV's on the streets, come during Cheyenne Frontier Days. That would be a smack in the ol' checkbook for the city.

 on: Today at 10:05:45 am 
Started by Moonbeam - Last post by MamaLiberty
Still -11 degrees now at 9 AM. Still snowbound. The county plowed the road... and totally blocked both of my driveway entrances. Not that it matters much... I'm not going anywhere. :) My neighbor will come tomorrow and plow my driveway, and then another neighbor will take me to town. And, BTW, I help them out with gardening and make bread... I have a wonderful community here.

Here is a picture of the yard this morning, showing the corgi trail around to the side yard.

 on: Today at 08:08:16 am 
Started by Moonbeam - Last post by knobster
February thaw is here.  Mud, mud, mud.  Of course the dog loves it!  My wife... not so much.  Lower 40s over the next few days with nights dipping below freezing.  Of course I'm giddy about putting plants in the ground but I know Ol' Man Winter is not done with us.

 on: Today at 08:04:08 am 
Started by FDD - Last post by knobster
I do the lowers from 80%
got a mill here I retrofitted for CNC, and it's no big deal to write up the gcode to cut the FCG pocket a trigger all in one shot.

 :notworthy: :drool:

I would loooooooooooove to spend a weekend at your homestead.  Watching, learning, absorbing, etc...

 on: Today at 06:33:50 am 
Started by Moonbeam - Last post by FDD
WOW -11 this morning, now that is cold.

pushed over a foot of snow off of the truck so I could see out of the window.

no wind to speak of, which is good.

this the largest snow for the season so far here.
we could still use the water here, so this is good.

 on: Today at 05:24:42 am 
Started by mouse - Last post by mouse
I spent a few days after accumulating the real story, links, video clips, etcetera before responding.  It had "FALSE FLAG" painted all over it from the beginning.

The evolving pattern is to include a patsy, mentally unstable, then to add prescription psychotropics to make him unable to coherently explain it wasn't him, or was not ONLY him.

There was a drill. The ARMY was there directing kids to the exits (PLURAL) where shooters awaited them.

Interviews of first-hand-witness kids were aired on lamestream media. Then that data was ignored by the reporters doing the interviews as well and the boat-anchors in the studio.

It was a horribly inept false flag, but that will only work to marginalize the thinkers, observers and other non-majority from those puddin-heads nodding in front of their indoctrination presenters.

It's almost like this is done so overtly so as to remind the "plebs" "you are living in the "matrix" now, believe what we tell you to believe and react like you should react, this is for your own good and by accepting it all you will be "striking another blow" against those evil people who are trying to hurt you, then go back to sleep, nothing to see here".  By "evil people who are trying to hurt you" I mean of course gun owners, Trump supporters, freedom lovers, tax protestors, anyone who does not "toe the party line", and people genuinely feel good about themselves for "going along with it" because "it is doing the right thing".

It's like people have to be reminded every so often who is boss.

Isn't the army supposed to be on the side of the American people?  It seems they were used to pull this thing off.  What ever happened to "oathkeeping"?  They must have realised what they were doing.  Is it just a case of "following a lawful order" (I mean if a politician manipulated a "superior officer" to "order his men" to do something - even something like this - it WOULD be LAWFUL, wouldn't it?)

 on: Today at 05:11:48 am 
Started by FDD - Last post by MamaLiberty
  You have to stop the tyrants at the first step on the road to hell,

How do you propose to go about it? If your neighbors all think some "law" is needed, or some restriction sounds good... Now, we don't have a lot of that around here, but it can happen. The real problem is that far, far too many people believe in this "democracy" shit, and see no objection at all to imposing their wants, needs and ideas on others. Even if those ideas come from the worst of the controllers that idea spawns. The desire/lust to control the lives and property of others is the root of all evil. People must be persuaded to mind their own business, and leave everyone else alone to do the same. Until then, the oppressive government and the "democratic" lottery of our rights each "election" and city council meeting will continue.

 on: February 19, 2018, 11:47:42 pm 
Started by FDD - Last post by ZooT_aLLures
I do the lowers from 80%
got a mill here I retrofitted for CNC, and it's no big deal to write up the gcode to cut the FCG pocket a trigger all in one shot.

 on: February 19, 2018, 07:52:30 pm 
Started by MamaLiberty - Last post by slidemansailor
Thank you for the kudos on my websites. I appreciate that, particularly from someone at the upper levels of philosophical acumen.

I am far less inclined to travel away from Montana’s lower left corner, and lately disinclined towards political activism. Three runs for governor, two for constitutional sheriff, a production of unquestionably the best state convention the Idaho Libertarian Party ever saw, and a couple inconsequential candidacies seem to have used up my far-out political activism. That accumulation leaves me ensconced in my chosen place on this planet.

BUT, even the slimmest hope of a political solution beats the alternative. We may all think (a most uncivil) civil war is inevitable, but the remote chance of turning it away is worth at least a modicum of effort. So I blog. A lot. And am willing to work with others.  Just not too hard.  I am as busy as a one-armed-paper-hanger getting my own house in order.

If I help enlighten and/or educate a handful of people, that is a good thing. I like doing good things.

I also like spending time with good, enlightened, intelligent people.  Speaking of which, it has been my time in Libertarian circles over coffee, wine, food and just empty-handed chatting that were the most enlightening to me. I moved through several levels of enlightenment in digestible phases thanks to in incredible number and variety of high quality people.

All of that to say, HECK YEAH, I will meet with, and work with you and your friends.

I penciled in The Red Pill Expo.  Maybe that will be our meetup.  Sooner? Elsewhere?  I am open.  Mexico... nah, not for me.  If they brought it to Montana’s left bank, FERSHUR.

 on: February 19, 2018, 07:11:54 pm 
Started by slidemansailor - Last post by slidemansailor
One egg, another, two, three, three, two, three, two ....
Giving away most of the flock and the ancient rooster I compare to Hugh Heffner in his last years, has inspired the remaining three hens to produce eggs in winter.  Good choice, girls.

I got the shop wired, bringing the rest of my tools online. No holding back the construction projects now.

The greenhouse plants were complaining about lighting. I split a 4' x 8' foil panel into 2' strips that now reflect incoming sunlight onto the beds.  The plants thanked me.

I split two pantry shelves horizontally into four. The wasted space turned into efficient space with comfy two-can-high stacking instead of hard to use jamming.

Today our R-next-to-nothing turned into R32-R38.  We are currently in a sub-zero streak that made comfortable temperatures in the house impossible to achieve.  Tonight we are baking in woodstove heat... a treat.  I traded a fretted bass guitar that did not suit me for men and boys blowing in $700 worth of insulation.  I don't know what that would cost on the open market, but I am certainly thrilled with the affordability and results.

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