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Author Topic: 2014 FSW Jamboree after action report  (Read 3833 times)


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2014 FSW Jamboree after action report
« on: June 01, 2014, 02:17:36 pm »

Just got home from the 2014 Jamboree at Guernsey. Not too many came this year, but we had fun anyway. As always, some familiar faces and some new folks. Thanks again to Beverly and Mark, and everyone who worked to make this Jamboree, as always, a wonderful opportunity to touch bases with friends and make new friends for Wyoming.

It had rained a LOT in the week or so before, so the ground was wet and muddy. We got even more rain Friday night, and a fast and furious thunderstorm on Saturday afternoon was exciting. That, of course, made it cool and mostly bug free all weekend. Several families were there with assorted sized children, and it was so good to see them free to climb trees and run to their heart's content.

Most of those attending spent the greater part of the day at the ranges - both rifle and pistol, doing their part to assure the ongoing ammunition shortage and having a ball at the same time.  The day rang often with the sound of freedom.

Beverly and Mark, after the long day at the range, also oversaw the set up and delivery of a hamburger and bratwurst supper, with the trimmings.  Before and during the BBQ, Wes (Longrifle) and others made a presentation on the American Revolution, complete with visual aids. Wess had his black power rifle and other period costume elements, which added a lot.  Just then we were treated to a loud, windy thunderstorm, and the rain came hard and horizontal for a while. Good thing we had the food under the covered picnic area!

After the mini hurricane,  Brad Harrington, new to FSW, spoke about his life and dedication to individual sovereignty, challenging all present to double down on personal responsibility and civil disobedience. Then it was time for the band, amazingly still able to play after their equipment was thoroughly moistened by rain that blew into the covered area.  They even had a light show!

All weekend, of course, we had the usual talk circles and were grateful to be able to have campfires. We worked hard, but were unable to solve all the problems of the world this year, so we'll have to make another run at it next time.
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