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Author Topic: Leeks - what's wrong with mine?  (Read 3825 times)


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Leeks - what's wrong with mine?
« on: October 13, 2016, 07:02:34 am »

I started some seed for leeks early this spring. They need a long growing season. I also failed to follow the culture tips much, and didn't add soil to cover the green part at the base over the summer... no idea how important that is, but I suspect it might have made a difference. Anyway, I dug some recently and cooked them with chicken. Hmmm, kind of "green" tasting, but not much actual onion flavor. I've tried using them in a few other foods, but am certainly not impressed. Just sort of a muddy, almost onion taste. :(  And yes, I cleaned them carefully and had no dirt in them.

Have you used leeks, or especially have you grown them? They take up a lot of room and I'm not planning on planting any more of them unless someone can point out how to wind up with a better vegetable. I can't imagine why leeks are supposed to be so marvelous - as all the recipes on line indicate. Any ideas?
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