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Author Topic: DUNCAN FRISSELL SUGGESTS  (Read 1724 times)


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« on: May 19, 2004, 02:05:44 pm »

Ya know the only solution that has worked for me and a few others has been to title and register the vehicle in the name of a company.  Many times one doesn't have to go and stand in line at the dmv as their are private titling companies who will do this.  I have used those remarks that Duncan suggests in the past, my favorite are the homeless comments, but have been stared at strangely, told "sorry but no" and been denied.  People don't like homeless people and they have the rights the slaves did back in the day, I suppose.  It's interesting, in Oregon on all of their forms they have mad provisions for the transient or homeless- you merely state that you live in a specific geographical area ie.  "under the Burnside Bridge".  If this was about registering a vehicle, I know the insurance will be a little higher on a company car, but shop around.  Another benefit of registering the car in the name of a company is when you're out driving around and a cop gets behind you.  He's bored so he punches in your plate to run a backround on you and search for warrants, well, what pops up?  The company name!  And if you structure it correctly, you can never be found through a "running of the plates".  If you want to elude someone getting a little too close for comfort, that's a good reason to pay a little higher insurance in my opinion.

Peace, hope it helps, Good Day

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