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Author Topic: Drat. So much for my chain mail Taser defense idea :o(  (Read 2083 times)


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Drat. So much for my chain mail Taser defense idea :o(
« on: January 03, 2007, 06:50:39 am »

 Didn't work for this poor sucker, anyway. :dontknow:

 Of course, I don't know for sure that the Taser barbs hit him on the armor. They could have zapped him on some part of his body not thus protected. So there might still be something to the idea.

 Also, a mail shirt with sleeves would provide some additional protection against the "tactical" knives all the cops have now, which they take special classes to learn how to use on us if we hang onto our steering wheels too tightly when they try to drag us out of our cars.

 There is this too

 but, of course

 "G2 plans to sell the material to law enforcement agencies and the military only -- civilians need not apply."

 Naturally. :rolleyes:

  However, such clothing is not yet illegal to make or wear, that I know of. The company that developed it just won't sell it to us mere mortals. But if some of us mere mortals could come up with something similar or comparable, we could sell it to whoever we liked (or could afford it).


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