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Author Topic: How Easy It Would Be To Win Our Freedom  (Read 1481 times)


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How Easy It Would Be To Win Our Freedom
« on: June 03, 2004, 11:57:26 pm »

How Easy It Would Be To Win Our Freedom

The “cause of freedom”, at this point in history, has not truly become a serious one.  Not
really.  Up until this point, the freedom movement has been characterized largely by
“democratic efforts”, with dismally poor results.  In fact, so poor, that the loss of individual
freedoms throughout the whole of society has reached critical proportions.  This loss is now
reverberating throughout the entire world.  While this situation is now (finally) recognized by
many freedom advocates, no defining processes to reverse this decline have been offered.

Not so strangely, the stubborn embracement of certain democratic beliefs and institutions have
fostered this decline.  Paradoxically, freedom advocates, while strenuously objecting to a
particularly invasive new laws or legislation, most oftentimes, continue in their compliance
to the very issues they are in objection to.  Prime examples of this would be “illegal” searches,
property seizures, asset forfeiture, income tax, property taxation, public protests, concealed
weapon “permits”, drivers “license”, etc.  Why, for example, if one objects to the airline
“searches”, does one continue to fly on public airlines?  Or apply to the State for permission to
carry a weapon for self defense?  Or more seriously, submit to arrests or property seizures?

This very obviously, creates a credibility problem for the freedom advocate and on a deeper level,
a social acceptance by the people in general.  In other words, we are the “trend setters” for
others to follow, but by our examples, what trends are we setting?  I have already pointed out in
another thread that the masses of people are actually irrelevant to the
freedom cause, they neither lead nor establish any relevant trends.  But where are the trend setters
in the freedom movement?  Most importantly, why don’t we support them beyond mere
words before they are arrested and prosecuted?  After the fact is ultimately
pointless and utterly fails to deliver the proper response and message.  Morever, we
hardly manage to save even some, expending our meager resources in a last-stand defensive

Compliance creates social conditioning, and lends credibility to the very institutions we object to.
Rather then engage in “anti-social behavior” and refusing to comply, many so-called freedom
advocates simply submit, obviously sending a very mixed message about what they really believe.
It is self-evident that the actual cost of freedom is very poorly understood.

Underlying the not-so insignificant past and present freedom efforts (including the individual
challenges), are a series of mistaken beliefs and assumptions and omissions that serve to
undermine all such efforts.  Ultimately, they will be defeated, as history now shows.  This is in
part because we believe that we are constrained to a “democratic approach”.  But does this view
hold true?  

We must examine several things to determine the truth of this, 1) the stakes; 2) the rules; 3) our
beliefs; 4) our options; 5) and our presumptions.

The Stakes

It is the advocates of freedom who literally hold the future of the world in their hands.  This is a
poorly understood issue.  Abdicating our role, as is found in so many people, resigns us and
 to a continued existence of slave-class citizens and ultimately, throughout the world.
The present situation is bad enough, but the proposed future by would-be dictators is even worse.
The United States, as the only present and remaining superpower (not likely to last forever)
exercises without effective restraint it’s global policies and prerogatives.  We are
“exporting” our “brand” of democracy to as many foreign lands as we possibly can - at the point
of a gun, just like here in the US for the citizenry.  And they are getting very bold, very brazen in
their arrogance and their presumption with these activities and plans.  Nothing less then the future
of the free world and in all likelihood, the entire planet is at stake and freedom advocates are the
only true hope left to reverse this trend. What we permit is what they will
- throughout the world.

The institutions of “democracy”, sort of works, with its badly flawed mechanisms and
presumptions, providing that the game isn’t too badly rigged, which unfortunately for us, does not
hold true.  This illusion of democracy that now permeates the entire political landscape seeks to
appease the conscience of the people while at the same time, advancing the terrible tyranny of the
future.  It is our generalized acceptance of this dichotomy and the proscribed democratic methods
available to us that is enabling this situation, which is leading to a defacto global
dictatorship.  We presume to accept, believe and embrace the principles of democratic protests
and action as our only means of redress.  The “course corrections” tried using these methods have
obviously not worked because the game is rigged and under the present circumstances, very likely
to remain so.

A simple example of this would be the up and coming presidential election.  Between the two
parties, neither candidate is a preferred choice.  The two party system itself is a rigged affair that
does not allow for viable reform in the political process.  The entire apparatus of corporate
military legislative entities engage in a charade of “equity” and “fairness”, assisted by a controlled
and compliant media regurgitating this mutation of “democracy” in action, with all vested interests
supporting both sides!  Against this backdrop, third-party candidates stand zero chance of
success.  The idea of even fielding a third party candidate presumes that the game isn’t already

This rigged game now permeates every single aspect of our society and is commonly accepted as
the “price of democracy”, when in reality, it is fine tuned fascism.  We are being forced, against
our will, to play their game, by their rules, which are decided for us and are ultimately
designed to work against us.

The Rules

The rules, in their essence, are actually quite simple.  “Our Way or No Way”.  But the ruling elite
is too crafty to state this so plainly, which is why we are “offered” the extremely dubious
“choices” within the rules such as the two party system, scripted speeches and contrived television
newscasts, controlled news and media blackouts, an elected legislative body living in the pockets
of private interests and engaged in private blackmail and corruption, designated and pre-approved
“opportunities” to voice our objections and protests (behind denoted “protest areas” in fenced
enclosures, with a permission slip from the State), a vindictive and vengeful domestic and
international police force with a history of profiling and harassing, detaining, arresting,
imprisoning and killing thousands of individuals, a global military presence actively engaged in
promoting corporate and banking interests and global genocide, banking enterprises designed to
promote fiat “money” at your expense, a judicial system full of lying corrupt and appointed
“officials”, government prescribed housing, food, education, entertainment and so much more.  

We are programmed to actually accept this gruesome reality and thank them for the favor!

Play it their way - or else.  Enforced by a gun, a prison, confiscation, harassment and even death.
Any meaningful objection, is happily engaged by the agents of the State with its vast machinations
and gun-toting agents, quickly neutralizing, marginalizing and nullifying dissenters, forever
destroying any chance for peaceful protests.  It is a self-perpetuating reality for the rule makers
and their agents, with the lives and fortunes of businesses, families and individuals greasing the
mechanisms that keep the grisly human treadmills in operation.

Yet despite all this, we continue to adhere to the mistaken viewpoint that these rules are
ultimately for our benefit and that of society.  This view is constantly reinforced in us from
childbirth until death.  Never are we told that such views are contrary to life itself and the meaning
of our very existence.  The very few who make such a discovery are labeled as troublemakers,
terrorist, outcast and the socially unacceptable.  They are ostracized and outcast by society,
harassed, jailed, imprisoned, tortured, shot, medicated and killed - all in the name of democracy
and the “protection of society”.

The ruling elite, or rule makers, consider the rules a highly one-sided affair.  What applies to us,
does not apply to them.  Accountability for their actions is never assumed or applied, the rules and
institutions are specifically designed to prevent this from happening.  This is a trickle down
“benefit” enjoyed by Congress, lawyers, judges and their ilk, with elected and appointed officials
are oftentimes considered exempt and irresponsible of their actions.  The higher you are, the less
accountability and responsibility you hold, while at the same time, the more power and prestige
and authority you are given and the more lives you govern.  These privileges oftentimes applies to
the hirelings of government, such as law enforcement, government employees and county
officials.  They enjoy a privileged position of no personal and direct responsibility or
accountability for their actions - no matter how many people may be harmed or hurt by their
actions or their inactions.  Presidents can slaughter tens of thousands by decree and cops can kill
individuals or small groups in burst of exuberant gunfire and we are (ultimately) expected to
accept this as deplorable, but somehow “unavoidable” fact.

From time to time (but nowhere near to the actual number of cases and events), the charade of
fairness and justice is paraded before the people on select occasions, with one of the privileged
elite receiving a token hand slap, censure, meaningless fine or paid vacation (administrative leave);
this too, is part of the “rules” we have come to expect.

However, none of this is true for the individual, who’s responsibility and accountability for his or
her actions is vehemently dealt with, swiftly and without mercy, oftentimes quite violently,
destroying lives, families, fortunes and futures.  Amazingly, while this is widely known, the people
continue to embrace this horrific imbalance of privilege and justice, preferring denial to truth,
democracy to justice, irresponsibility to accountability.

Our Beliefs

We believe we must follow the rules laid down before us with exacting precision and redundant
replication, without much exception.  Acknowledging deep within ourselves this injustice, we
nevertheless believe we have no other choice then to continue this taskmaster slave relationship,
believing our lives are our own and our future yet remains in our hands.

It does not truly occur to may people that this is simply untrue.  The belief that we must always
submit, always comply and always voice our token objections and protests according to their
long laid down before us is rooted in the very concept of democracy, whereas the ruling
majority truly does rule everyone else.  It is easily proven that we no longer live in a democracy,
and never did, nor did we have a true Republic and never did.  The foundations of this
country were not based upon equity and fairness at all, but on creating and establishing a ruling
class of elite individuals who would ultimately and completely govern everyone else, which by
design, is the very system we have today.

The propagation of these democratic beliefs and their corresponding democratic framework has
created the operative and oppressive conditions we have today, whereas the people do not have
any recognized rights or protests.  What we do have today is the illusion of rights and
protests, which are governed by the ruling elite by their rules, a decidedly one sided affair
quite obviously designed to benefit the rule makers and suppress the dispossessed.  In other
words, we have absolutely no chance at all to create a Republic - nor a democracy.  As long as we
submit to the acceptance of these illusions, and our compliance to them, we are doomed to fail.
We must fail, because like I said in another post, the framework itself is at fault here.  The framework is
comprised of the (largely) accepted institutions and structures which comprise our society and
culture, including democracy itself.  It never truly dawns upon very many of us that these
structures and institutions are at the very heart of the problems for a truly free society.

How can the framework, which is decidedly against freedom be utilized to further the cause
of freedom?  As my other post states, the framework was never designed to support the
plaintiff.  What freedom advocates want, is anathema to the existing framework and every
institution, official and agent within the framework inherently knows this.  Thus, they
actively work against any true opportunities for freedom with great vengeance and vigor.  They
are supported by a large body politic that functions in one of its main roles to destroy any
possible challengers or contenders.

Our Options

The enemies of freedom understand that they, at present, hold all of the cards, or nearly all.  
But this is an apparition, nothing more then a flimsy house of cards built upon lies and deceptions.

Attempting to work within this paper framework is a certain and slow death. The end of this
hopeless struggle is already in sight and seemingly a preestablished fact under present conditions.  
There is utterly no chance for freedom to succeed by operating within this framework due to the
rigged nature of the game and the game itself.  While this should be very obvious by now,
apparently it’s not, because the same tired and worn out words and efforts are dragged out year
by year, always and forever advocating what never, ever seems to happen.  Meaningful change.
Year by year, we are dealt the same raw deal we’ve always gotten and yet, we continue to accept
this wretched fate as if it was our only option!

We are dealing with illusions here, shadows and spirits which have no true substance in reality.  A
illusionary democratic response to a illusionary democratic crisis is still an illusion and offers
utterly no hope at all.

It is essential that we abandon this bogus framework and the corresponding rules, illusions and
restraints.  We don’t have to play this game anymore.  It’s not only unfair, it’s rigged from
the get-go and we stand zero chance of winning when the rules can be made up whenever they
want or changed at the slightest whim to suit them.  Better to simply quit the game then keep
playing.  Playing their game only lends credibility to their rules and their
.  It’s time we made up our own rules and redefined the game, once and for

Metaphorically speaking, it is[/i] a game to the power brokers, rule makers and
enforcing agents, our lives are utterly inconsequential to them.  But for us, this is not the case, not
at all.  Our very lives and freedom are in daily jeopardy for merest violation of the rules, our
ability to live in peace, prosperity and to realize our individual potential is now severely threatened
and under constant attack by would-be giant and pint-sized tyrants.  We are being routinely
sacrificed upon the altar of government excesses and corporate corruption with no regard
whatsoever for our very lives.

We are not draft horses, destined to labor in the corporate fields of servitude forever.  We’re
human beings with inherent and inalienable rights.  We don’t have to stay within the harness and
traces, forever enslaved and laboring away, spending the expenditure of our lives for the benefit of
our corporate task masters.  To assume that we should, or to presume we have no other choice is
to abandon all hope.  Why only choose from the array of “choices” that are already known to fail?
Why select from the sanctioned  methods of armor, weapons, offense and defense, all pre-
approved by the enemy who actively works against us?  Why engage the enemy using their rules?
Their battlefields?  Their weapons?  Their tactics?  Would not employing such a strategy
guarantee your ultimate defeat?  Yet, this is exactly what is expected of us.

I reject such notions as being both absurd and ludicrous, they are utterly senseless and without
merit.  Out of necessity for our very survival, the field of battle must be redefined.  The
rules of engagement must be reassessed and realized.  The tools, methods and techniques
used to engage in this warfare must be of our own choosing, providing us with the
necessary advantage that we obviously now require if we are going to win this war.

Clearly then, our options are to identify these harnesses and constraints and utterly abandon them.
Lend them altogether no credibility by our continued compliance and submission.

Why Winning Our Freedom can be Easier then We Think

It must be recognized that winning our freedom is well within our grasp and our abilities.  There
are relatively few constraints preventing us from exercising our final, remaining options.  Earlier, I
posited on another thread, that we are already of sufficient “number”.  I further posited that we
do not need organization or complicated structures to achieve our objectives.  Exploring this
further, what we need is some serious “course corrections”, which ultimately will lead to the
restoration of freedom.

While the framework itself is highly suspect, the framework is all we have at present.  This
is not to say that the framework cannot be redefined or reshaped into a new structure, or entirely
rebuilt or discarded in favor of one more agreeable and conducive to individual liberty.  It
probably can, in time, but only if the rules of the game are redefined to our advantage, and not

This advantage, which nullifies all efforts to constrain it, is leaderless resistance.  Only true
freedom advocates need apply (in other words, we don’t need a large number) and they are in
fact, all that is necessary (another reason why the masses are irrelevant to the freedom cause).
Leaderless resistance is impossible to prevent and impossible to contain, once begun.  There is
simply not enough enforcement personnel to deal with such protests.  It is a numerical
impossibility.  It requires no organization, no structure, no command central, no external or
internal controls (except self-control), no schedules, no group agreements, no democratic “vote”,
no consensus, no “methods” and no rigged rules.

Leaderless resistance need not be anarchy (and probably shouldn’t), but a precise, focused and
individual effort to stop compliance to subjugation and to eradicate the tyrants from our midst.  It
wouldn’t be long before the remaining tyrants realized that a faceless, nameless and non-directed
and incensed people could not be stopped, although they would try.  They simply do not have the
means and never will.

What then, is lacking?  Why have we not exercised this last remaining option?

Our Presumptions

The very dangerous presumption exists that “democracy” is the only viable vehicle for freedom to
exist.  Even in the best of circumstances, majority rules means that 51% can dictate to the other
49%.  Only the illusions of democracy exist in even the best of circumstances.  Democratic
principles are anathema to freedom.

What is wrong with leaderless resistance?  Ultimately, nothing.  We already hold the moral high
ground concerning this issue and the justifying grievances and complaints that have driven us to
this contemplation.  Tyrants that destroy lives with impunity must be made to realize that
their actions carry personal responsibility and accountability - just like ours do.  No amount of
exasperation and hand-wringing will change that fact, nor will simply ignoring their transgressions
absolve them of their crimes.

We presume the rights of the individual are somehow, subservient to the rights of the State, yet
this is not true.  It is the State that is subservient to the individual and the body politic, but this has
been hijacked by corporate and private interests.  No amount of democratic pressure is likely to
reverse this course, because the pernicious nature of the State and its corresponding agents are
found in every democratic avenue of rectification.

We further presume that we cannot win this war, not this way, but constantly and seemingly
forever revert to the view that we must play by their rules, while failing to demand that they
too play by the same rules.  Our demands ultimately fall upon deaf ears and we find ourselves with
the wreckage of our lives, abandoned by the State and its corporate interests and the people, who
yet still insist in the face of all the evidence,  the rules must be followed.

We also presume that such a battle cannot be won, that the overwhelming “superiority” of the
State would ultimately suppress such resistance.  But how can this be true?  Historically speaking,
oppressed people who resorted to such tactics oftentimes succeeded. Why do we presume
we can do no less, when our numbers are vastly greater then our oppressors?  When there is no
effective means of prevention?

As I stated in a earlier post, “we feel constrained by the moral ‘rightness’ of our cause
(unnecessarily so, but this is constantly reinforced in us) , the framework that cages us and the
societal ‘restraints’ that are expected of us.”  Why?  Why do we unnecessarily burden ourselves
with these ridiculous assumptions?  I think it is because we have come to accept that this
responsibility and authority must ultimately belong to someone other then ourselves.  Generally,
this is implied as being the State, or somehow embodied in the its vast array of agents.   But if the
State and its corporate controllers cannot effectively govern themselves, who then is responsible?

It is the refusal to recognize the facts of these conditions which allows such evils to perpetuate.
Which is more evil, to permit the incarceration of thousands of individuals for manufactured
“crimes” - or to confront the State and its agents?  Which is more evil, to permit the genocide of
thousands of innocent human beings for corporate interests - or to confront the State and its
agents and hold them accountable for their actions?

It is a very dangerous and misleading presumption that we do not have the authority nor the right
to perform the very same acts as practiced by the State. How can this possibly be
 If the State derives it’s “just powers” from the consent of the governed, how can these
powers exceed that of the individual?  In reality, they don’t, but such
power  and authority are rarely, if ever, exercised by the individual because the individual
has utterly relinquished his or her authority to the State.

Assuming a subservient role will never exonerate us from our authority or our
responsibility to reign in a rogue State.  Never.  The State’s transgressions continue because of
the implicit permission of the individual who refuses to confront the evil.  All manner of
transgressions and tyrannical abuses occur because of this very fact. Deferment of the facts
until same later time or generation does not somehow excuse us of responsibility.  We
inherited this problem, most certainly against our will, because quite simply, those before us did
not have the courage to deal with it.  And now our inheritance has further mutated into a alien
monstrosity, completely out of control.

The only way we will exonerate our own selves of this evil is to stop helping the State
commit such evils by stop giving our implicit permission!  They do not have our permission
to commit atrocities!  But our very silence and our acquiescence to these acts emboldens the State
to continue.  Token and meaningless protests are rendered null and void, utterly ineffective by the
very apparatus constraining us.  Stop playing by their rules!

It is hardly worth mentioning here that the apparatus of the State, the essences of its existence, is
designed to prevent the individual (or any other entity) for recommencing their ultimate authority.
This fact is utterly unavoidable, which is why leaderless resistance is so effective - and the only
viable choice left.  Even with all of it’s appendages, the State is poorly designed to deal with much
controversy.  The top-down nature, like military armies, is ineffective against guerilla warriors,
who are not restricted to conventional warfare like designated armies.  Historically, guerilla
warfare works and can overcome gargantuan obstacles.  Leaderless resistance is
guerilla warfare in its many forms, having the decided advantages of no discernable enemy, no
leaders, no organization, no structure, no battlefields, no schedule, no vulnerable supply lines and
no collateral damage.

It is the authority of the individual which must be exercised.  Although this has always been true,
leaderless resistance redefines the rules into our favor and provides us with a decided and distinct
advantage. It abandons some of the false precepts and notions of “democracy” and “authority”,
our inability to effectively deal with the problems, our lack of response, our never ending and
continued compliance and submission, our rule playing “by the rules”, our need for organization,
consensus, “permission”, and even funding.

Yet at the same time, leaderless resistance ought not to be construed as either anarchy or chaos,
it’s not.  Such actions would create unacceptable conditions and collateral damage that I find
personally reprehensible. Nor are the leaderless entirely free of moral constraints, actually, it is the
opposite which holds true.  A careful examination of these issues will adequately demonstrate this
fact.  Individual resistance is ultimately the highest form of moral constraint there is. It is
the  governing of self and the full acknowledgment of “self-rights”, and the resumption of
individual authority and responsibility inherent in those rights when confronted with irrepressible

How easy would it be to win our freedom?  Compared to all the doomsayers and naysayers
and myth mongers, pretty easy.  Compared to the “democratic process”, a decidedly doomed and
failed approach, easier yet.  Can you even imagine trying to endure another 50 or 100 years
of what passes for democracy?  Just exactly how long and at what price are we willing to forever
wait and endure, when such activity is actually based in an illusion with rigged rules?

Compared to doing nothing, hiding, gulching or simply ignoring - very easy.  Doing nothing
guarantees our continued subservience and that of our progeny, for generations to
How can that possibly be easier (on who?) then fighting back?

Leaderless resistance will come at a price (worthy of entirely different article) - but
comparatively speaking, it is by far the easiest and quickest avenue left.

I’ll repeat once again - If not us, who?  If not now, when?  If not here, where? If not how,

We don’t need numbers, organization, structure, plans or even approval.  We only need ourselves,
whosoever we be.  Redefining the rules.  Resuming our rights and responsibilities.  Rejecting the
notions that impede us.  Realizing that it is up to us.  There is no one else - and no place to go.
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