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Author Topic: makin girlie liquore  (Read 1697 times)


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makin girlie liquore
« on: May 20, 2007, 04:01:58 am »

I just finished my first batch of strawberry liquore- and it was fantastic!!!!  its not entirely from scratch because I used pure alcohol but it was still awsome and very easy- below is the recipie- it makes a rose colored liquore and is really good in juice or sprite or as an after dinner digestive.  I gave some to my landlord (he's a farmer here and makes his own stuff and I actually got a "molto bene" for my effort  :sunny:

Liquore alle Fragole
one quart jar
halved strawberries to fill the jar
96% alcool etilico buongusto (or whatever pure stuff they have back home- i dunno)

put the strawberries in the jar then fill up with the burn your lips off stuff and stick someplace where the monkeys wont try to steal the strawberries for a week- strain it and discard the berries- they should be almost white.  take a kg of vanilla sugar (thats where you stick a whole bunch of vannilla beans in your sugar so it smells yummy) and just enough water to make a paste- heat it up til it becomes a clear syrup and then let cool.  after it is completely cool mix the two together and put it in clean bottles- its needs about two weeks to mellow and then its great!

lemoncello is made the same way except instead of strawberries you use the zest of 10 lemons instead.
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