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Author Topic: How To Talk To Girls At Parties  (Read 3850 times)

George Potter

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How To Talk To Girls At Parties
« on: August 01, 2007, 12:24:34 am »

Neil Gaiman's wonderful short story is available on the 'net here.

We went up the garden path, crazy paving leading us past a hedge and a solitary rosebush to a pebble- dashed facade. We rang the doorbell, and the door was opened by a girl. I could not have told you how old she was, which was one of the things about girls I had begun to hate: when you start out as kids you’re just boys and girls, going through time at the same speed, and you’re all five, or seven, or eleven, together. And then one day there’s a lurch and the girls just sort of sprint off into the future ahead of you, and they know all about everything, and they have periods and breasts and makeup and God- only- knew- what- else—for I certainly didn’t. The diagrams in biology textbooks were no substitute for being, in a very real sense, young adults. And the girls of our age were.

Hey, Claire -- have you read Gaiman's American Gods? If not, I'd like to send it to you. :)
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