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Author Topic: Frequent Flier membership  (Read 1013 times)

byron mc

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Frequent Flier membership
« on: October 31, 2007, 09:23:58 am »

So I changed my mailing address with frequent flier memberships for a few airlines by mail and told them to remove me from all promotions and selling/sharing my address.
Then a week later I got a mailing from Continental Airlines OnePass from a financial institution with a credit card offer at my old address. I called up thier membership program at my expense (no 1-800 number) to confirm my change of address and tell them to remove me from mailings and sell/share my info. (Yes I know it takes 8-12 weeks to fully clear out an address from being shared or sold.)

First they said on the phone they had to confirm any recent activity on my account before they would do _ANY_ changes. So I remembered a flight from a few months ago and then they proceeded to tell me they did _NOT_ even have my new address or my request for not sharing/selling my personal info which in their company-speak was "adding ADDRESS PRIVACY & PHONE PRIVACY" to my account.
If you have a Continental Airlines OnePass membership call them at 713-952-1630 (same phone# on the back of your card) and tell them to do the same. 
Also if you have a new mailing address they will send out a notification letter confirming address changes within 5 days of the phone call. Continental was the only company out of 4 memberships I have with airlines that even sent out a letter. Now I wonder if I have to phone up the other 3 airlines membership programs.... Grr...

Sure JJLuna's HTBI says to not sign up in the first place and cancel airline frequent flier memberships. I have never used my mileage and would like to at least use it once before I actually cancel the membership.
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