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Author Topic: offshore outsourcing of payroll, finance, claims processing - Privacy SSN#s  (Read 1723 times)

byron mc

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The next wave, well underway, is shipping back-office business tasks overseas, like finance, payroll, claims processing, procurement and the like. That’s business process outsourcing, or BPO, in nerd talk.
A report presented this week to India’s big software and services trade association, NASSCOM, concludes that the offshore BPO can grow explosively for years to come.

keep this reader comment in mind:

Businesses are not in the ‘business’ of providing jobs. Their real ‘job’ is to supply goods and services at the lowest possible cost to them and to receive the highest amount of payment relative to that possible FOR THEIR STOCKHOLDERS. Eliminating middle managemenet and rank and file workers is one of the best ways to achieve profitability.

February 14, 2008
Offshore Outsourcing’s Next Wave: How High?

This is a major can of worms by sending our highly sensitive personal data outside of the USA. And really will SSN#s not be on this data? And like the blog post says we are in inning 1 of this new outsourcing industry...



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Gosh, maybe we shud switch to DNA identification. :huh:

Wow, no identity theft. GattacaUSA live and in color. :ph34r:

Coming to a theatre near you. Remember the popcorn.
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