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Author Topic: PETA takes exception to LEO tasering cow for entertainment  (Read 1799 times)


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PETA takes exception to LEO tasering cow for entertainment
« on: February 20, 2008, 09:49:30 am »

PETA protest sparks investigation of officer

"It is our understanding that the alleged incident occurred while Lt. Mitchell was off duty, that the Taser's darts were not removed from the cow's flesh afterward, and that Lt. Mitchell apparently found the incident so amusing that it was recently set to music and distributed as a joke among his friends and colleagues," wrote Stephanie Bell, PETA's senior cruelty caseworker.

RPD has been plagued recently with reports of low morale, accusations of racism, and the arrest of one officer for sexual indecency with a child. Helms said he did not know why so many issues were arising in a short period, but he said some were to be expected.

"Any department the size we're getting is going to have problems like this," he said.

I guess the Police Chief is making the case that if you get too many LEO together in one place, they have the group morality of Central Park wilders. Maybe he shouldn't have such a large department. :police:

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