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Author Topic: Canadian's drivers license data to be given access by US Gov. agencies soon?  (Read 1722 times)

byron mc

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the new voluntary cards contain a chip that broadcasts a code U.S. border officials can use to gain access to a cardholder's personal information.

"There's a question about how Canadians' data are being handled and whether or not the database will be made available to the Americans ... and in what format," he said.

"There's concerns that under the Patriot Act, as soon as the database is handed over to a U.S. authority, it can be accessed by any number of U.S. agencies," he added.

Chip-embedded driver's licences raise privacy fears
February 05, 2008

We'll see how long voluntary lasts. 
Try about 6 years...(When American's under the age of 50 must have a biometric drivers license as a RealID)...

While the book HTBI never suggested getting a Canadian drivers license if you were not a citizen of Canada but did suggest using a Canadian Bank for a checking account with more privacy (not to evade the US Treasury Dept.).
Will Canadian CMRA's be required to share their data with the US as well if they are forwarding mail to the US?
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