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Author Topic: not illegal but news- Airport security: TSA endangers sick teen's life  (Read 3187 times)

byron mc

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An ill Orlando teenager was thwarted in the screening line of Orlando International Airport a few weeks ago, when security workers for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) insisted on inspecting a back-up feeding tube he carries with him in a sealed, clear sterilized plastic bag.

James Hoyne, 14, has a feeding tube in his stomach and always has a second one in reserve, if he needs it. Orlando television station WFTV reports that a TSA officer opened the back-up tube to inspect it, over the teen's objections, thus contaminating the feeding tube that Hoyne said he turned out to later need.

But security officers are, if nothing else, a very literal lot. Theirs is not the business of judgment calls. I'm guessing the TSA will now need to go in and specifically put 'feeding tubes' on the approved list to prevent such an incident from happening again.

Airport security: TSA endangers sick teen's life

by Jeffrey White   Mar 7th 2008
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