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Author Topic: Michael Badnarik interviews Larry Becraft  (Read 2012 times)


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Michael Badnarik interviews Larry Becraft
« on: March 21, 2008, 02:00:22 pm »

I think this should go here, rather than General Discussion. If folks disagree, I can move it.
You can go here and scroll down to Wed., March 19, 2008.
Or, I think these will work:
   Real Player link.
   Windows Media Player Link.
   mp3 of hour 1.
   mp3 of hour 2

Larry Becraft embodies Freedom's Spirit.
Program #233  Cohost: Larry Becraft, Patriot, Constitutional attorney, and legal counsel for Vernie Kuglin, Larkin Rose, and Thomas Cryer during their trials against the IRS. Visit his website for lot's of valuable information.

The Constitution in court  Larry Becraft has been fighting for freedom for many years in a very real and observable way.  He has been the attorney of choice for high profile patriots that have chosen to "buck the system".  Larry will share stories of his accomplishments, and give us his view of the future of Constitutional law.

Larry's website.
The Mayor is the Problem
The flagpole is the answer
We hung the first one
We can hang another one

The Firesign Theatre - from the album Boom Dot Bust

Dear Government
You are a ass shit.

A note from my younger son when he was 3.

When rights are outlawed, only outlaws will have rights. - Me

Round up everybody who can ride a horse or pull a trigger. Let's break out some Winchesters.  - John Wayne (Chisum)
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