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Author Topic: One of NYC top informants, involved in 26 cases, arrested for perjury  (Read 2465 times)


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Informant arrested after misguided raids

It now turns out that the NYPD's confidential informant allegedly lied. On at least 3 separate occasions, surveillance cameras show how he was actually hiding drugs under his clothes all along, and then telling police that those drugs were bought at Jerry and Cynthia's apartments.

A civil rights attorney told us he is not surprised that this type of thing goes on. That's because confidential informants, however unreliable, are often protected by the legal system, he said.

Top brass at the NYPD have confirmed a full investigation. Regarding Cynthia and Jerry, they say, "Obviously they should not have had to undergo being detained...." Specifically regarding Jerry, a prostate cancer survivor, being cuffed and thrown on his floor, they say, "We regret that it happened to him."

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