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Author Topic: After Multiculturalism: The Politics of Race and the Dialectics of Liberty  (Read 1701 times)


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This looks like a good one. I'll have to get it... too! So many books... so little money!!

After Multiculturalism: The Politics of Race and the Dialectics of Liberty
by Chris Matthew Sciabarra

Book review: “In his development of his own highly dialectical mode of analysis, [John F.] Welsh examines racism from a variety of vantage points and levels of generality; he sees reciprocally reinforcing interrelationships among racism, collectivism, cultural relativism, statism, tribalism, and determinism. He presents a theoretical perspective that expands ‘the dialectics of liberty.’ In rejecting racism as disease and multiculturalism as antidote, he argues that it is essential ‘to explore what individualism and libertarianism have to offer to those who are interested in reconstructing social life without racial and ethnic domination.’ Welsh surveys the various critiques of racism offered by such theorists as Ayn Rand, Murray Rothbard, the individualist anarchists, and Max Stirner, among others, en route to defining a fundamentally radical dialectical-libertarian framework for interpretation, analysis, and praxis.” (08/10/08)

The lust to control the lives and property of others is the root of all evil.
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