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Author Topic: Before The X-Files : THE INVADERS  (Read 1741 times)

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Before The X-Files : THE INVADERS
« on: August 21, 2008, 12:46:42 pm »

Do you remember this earaly version of the X-Files called THE INVADERS with Roy Thinnes (who appeared as the Healing Man in The X-Files) playing Architect David Vincent ? Produced by the same fine folks that gave us THE FUGITIVE...

He's out in the California/Arizona Desert looking for a short cut and decides to knock off for a few ZZZZZ's and then sees a UFO landing in front of him...

Vincent decides to tell the JBTS but is met with disbelief and ridicule.

And it turns out the Aliens that he saw landing are part of an invasion force out to take over Mother Earth since their own world is dying....

Not to mention the Invaders have already infiltrated into our society and some hold positions of power including those of Politicians, JBTS, and even Religious Leaders...

The only way you can tell them from ordinary human beings is that they have a crooked pinky. When you kill them they simply burn up and disappear....

It was a very popular show and featured such great guest stars as Gene Hackman, Ed Asner, Peggy Lipton, and Suzanne Pleshette to name a few...

Chris Carter from THE X-FILES had to be watching this show as well when it came out and THE INVADERS experienced a revival when THE X-FILES came out...

I loved the big funny looking guns the aliens used and the first episode BEACHEAD where Vincent is trapped in a burning bed and he sees the friendly Grandmother he met smiling a malovolent smile and realizes she's one of them...

Currently out on DVD so check it out... :mellow:
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