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Author Topic: Walmart faking back-to-school lists to get parents to by more crap?  (Read 17708 times)


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Re: Walmart faking back-to-school lists to get parents to by more crap?
« Reply #45 on: August 28, 2008, 02:37:03 pm »

As to my assertion that having no Marriage License, Birth Certificate, or SSN (in regards to the baby)... these contracts with the State contain hidden clauses that form hidden adhesion contracts with the State. 

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Re: Walmart faking back-to-school lists to get parents to by more crap?
« Reply #46 on: September 14, 2008, 12:35:16 pm »

Perhaps it would be wise to find a doctor who isn't a supporter of the descending oppression, and buy a copy of "Where there is no doctor."

I agree with you completely. Just adding to the theme that government will notice that you have an unregistered child. Eventually. One way or another.

Unless one is a part of a society so isolated and self-contained that they are not subject to the scrutiny of any government outside their own.

In which case the government will make infiltration a top priority. If any member of your isolated society starts advocating violent action, etc., shoot him and hand his body over to homeland security. Your choice whether the toe tag should say, "Here's your agent back," or, "We bagged a dangerous terrorist for you."


At which point, CSI will descend to investigate a murder in their jurisdiction.
So far, the Amish and Mennonites have avoided public intervention, although I've no doubt they are under surveillance.  They have the advantage of having been born into the community, so they know where they've been.
I live on the other extreme, in truckstops, where the only thing I have in common with anyone is my life/work style choice. I have seen entire families living in a truck; mom, dad, kid(s), pet(s), totally outside the purview of most LE, except the motor carrier enforcement folks.

"Where there is no doctor." is online someplace,  a search on that title on this forum should turn up the link.

We knew of a guy who hooked up with this lady that happened to have a couple of kids.  For a while they were living in his car,  at a truck stop not too far from here.  He'd go inside to take showers,  etc.  After a bit CPS _did_ come in and take those kids away from them.   :-(

I guess it pays to remember that the folks that work at those truck stops and such,  if they're a part of a busybody type of culture,  will make the call,  after a while.  He was stupid to hang out in the same one for as long as he did,  I guess...

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