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Author Topic: Got My Sample Local Primary Ballot  (Read 1987 times)


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Got My Sample Local Primary Ballot
« on: August 25, 2008, 12:47:51 am »

I don't know about other states, but here in Arizona you can only vote your party in primaries--which is why I briefly was a registered Republican to vote for Ron Paul. I changed back to Libertarian the next day.

My ballot includes things like US Rep, state senator and rep, corporation commissioner, board of supervisors, county attorney, sheriff, recorder, treasurer, assessor, supe of schools and constable. The sad thing is, there are no Libertarians on the ballot at all. However, there is space to write in a name.

Now I know that all the offices, save maybe the last, are big deals to the demublicans and republicrats and to run against them has been an exercise in futility without a decent war chest--or even with. But I have been thinking, why not write my own name in for each of those offices? Since the local party has not given me names of folks to write in, why not? Others may have the same thought and maybe nobody's name will appear on the Nov ballot, but is there a downside to this? I'm asking for your input.

Actually, the position of constable kind of interests me. They deal with minor cases and it does not require any kind of law degree, anybody can be one. I admit to being just as guilty as the other local Libs in being complacent, but this election year has gotten me fired up to actually try to do something. I'm sure it's way too late to really do much, but maybe just getting my name on the ballot might be enough for now, with a look to the next time.

What do you think?
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