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Author Topic: Amundson case illustrates why defensive home feature are important  (Read 2887 times)


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Amundson case illustrates why defensive home feature are important
« on: September 22, 2008, 08:40:13 am »

Court of Appeals upholds Amundson conviction

While investigating a car crash in September 2003, authorities went to Amundson’s residence in search of an injured motorist believed to have been dropped off there. The door was locked, but authorities forced the door open, thinking the victim may be inside and incapacitated.

Inside, they saw several guns and ammunition, including a loaded shotgun with the safety disengaged. A week later, they went to his home to serve an order for protection. Amundson was not there, but a woman answered the door and authorities noted the presence of a rifle leaning up against the wall inside the house.

Within days, authorities were again at his house, this time with a no-knock evening search warrant, looking to arrest Amundson for terroristic threat and felony harassment. The no-knock warrant had been issued because of the recent encounters with loaded guns at his residence, making the threat to officer safety very real.

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