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Author Topic: Notes: Jefferson River Coalition Members And Friends  (Read 7016 times)

Elias Alias

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Notes: Jefferson River Coalition Members And Friends
« on: October 04, 2008, 01:25:37 am »

Greetings and Blessings

You have made your way to the Jefferson River Coalition's message boards, courtesy of the Administrators of The Mental Militia. The Mental Militia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Jefferson River Coalition, which purchased The Claire Files on September 17, 2007, from Claire Wolfe and Debra Ricketts. We changed the name of The Claire Files (TCF) to The Mental Militia (TMM) at that time.

Home site for the Jefferson River Coalition  -

The owners of the Jefferson River Coalition are Basil Fishbone and Elias Alias, both of whom are also Administrators here at TMM. It is our intention to furnish to the Coalition's website access to message boards here, for several purposes, which include but are not limited to -

1: Unity messaging within JRC's membership.
2: A place for planning and promoting liberty-related projects of the Coalition.
3: A sort of informal grass-roots think-tank area where members can participate in policy-making for JRC.
4: A forum in which JRC can formulate endorsements for (or against) political candidates.
5: A storage facility for important documentations in various arenas of JRC activity.
6: A place where each JRC member is welcome to relax, visit, express, discuss, learn, share, and celebrate the principles of liberty with like-minded individuals.
7: General coordination in and on various topics and activities of interest to JRC's management and membership.
8: A convenient method of communication with JRC's management. Members may send Elias Alias or Basil Fishbone private messages by simply clicking on our names wherever they appear as active links to our profiles. (Example: click "Elias Alias" in the thread title for this post.) Members may also send private messages to other members of both JRC and TMM, so long as each is registered as a member of TMM. (Confused yet?)

Members who register here (at TMM)  may contribute posts, articles, essays, documents, and any other pertinent info to both Basil and Elias, as well as to all JRC members (and many readers who are not members in JRC - membership is not required to read here).

While here, JRC members will notice many liberty-related forums and threads which are here for your educational benefit and enjoyment. The sheer volume of knowledge which is tucked into the many threads here at TMM is absolutely staggering. Because of the popularity of liberty author Claire Wolfe, for whom these forums were initially established in 2003, and because of the loyalty of her readership, and because of the diversity which freedom attracts generally, the Jefferson River Coalition now has access to several years' worth of liberty-related info of various classifications. Please enjoy exploring these forums and participate in those discussions which may interest you. And please make use of this facility to get quick notices/messages to Elias Alias and Basil Fishbone.

While the Jefferson River Coalition originated in southwest Montana, we hope to evolve together, with help and assistance from each of you, into a model which may come to appeal to communities all across America and the world. You can help us construct a template whereby people can work toward regaining local control over their local affairs, as Basil Fishbone states it.
Thank you for being here, and thank you for all you do in Montana for liberty.

So thank you, and welcome aboard!
"Heirs to self-knowledge shed gently their fears..."
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