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Author Topic: Caller ID Spoofing  (Read 1562 times)


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Caller ID Spoofing
« on: September 02, 2004, 12:11:12 pm »

Personally, I've always found Caller I.D. a beautiful thing.  I hate telephones in general; like neckties, they're an unfortunate necessity I'm required to keep but not required to appreciate.  The ability to see who's calling me on my phone is the only thing that makes the damn thing tolerable, some days.

So now they're marketing a practical way to spoof C.I.D.?  That just means I go to letting voicemail pick up all my calls, and not just the ones marked "Blocked I.D."  Another reason for my ex-wife to be hacked off at me, but we're both used to that by now.
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