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Author Topic: Survival Blog post re "Suddenly Homeless"  (Read 12064 times)


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Re: Survival Blog post re "Suddenly Homeless"
« Reply #15 on: September 08, 2009, 08:01:30 pm »

GD - I am proud of what we have, but hope that I do not ever hold it over anyone.
If anything, we are an example of how two working people were able to pull it off.
The RV is not to drive, it is to give you a locus of systems.  Our 1963 10 x 50 mobile
(with a pull out) gives us shelter, a wired up electrical system from the box out,
a plumbed up water system with heater, a plumbed propane system, and forced air heat.
These are things which make it much easier to "rough" it.  Depending on where you end up,
most property has constraints (ie zoning etc) an RV or travel trailer can give you "plausable deniability".
"Why yes sir, it is of course temporary - more of a place to camp."  (Been campin' for ten years)
Even without the property, find a way to start storin' the stuff.  Our entire existence has been
created from things that other people didn't want anymore - if not free, at bargain basement prices.
You just have to be open and receptive.  (and find a place to put it)
I have to thank my dad though, in 1983 he handed me $2000.00 for the down payment on my first place.
He told me it wasn't much, but that it was my inheritance.  It was enough.
I have eaten many a bean since that day.
We still live Very frugally by most standards.
It surely helps when you find a partner, two incomes makes all the difference.

Edit: And to bring it back on thread, it is important to find a partner who hates the system enough to
never, ever, ever make that 911 call in the middle of an argument.  And to be far enough away from the
neighbors that no one reports a "discussion" carried on at the top of your lungs.
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