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Author Topic: A vast wasteland is where you find gems  (Read 1537 times)


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A vast wasteland is where you find gems
« on: February 02, 2009, 04:12:45 pm »

Through the years many have commented on the lack of anything truly worth watching on their television, mostly  true, but the following are exceptions that tend to prove the rule, and better yet they can be found on DVD, so you can enjoy them and still lord it over your friends

Trailer Park Boys, (the series not the Movie)

not for everyone, for sure but funny and oddly warm comedy about life between jail terms, you see Julian, Ricky , Bubbles, and their pals, would just like to grow their dope, rob the occasional grocery store, get drunk, smoke some dope, and play video games, too bad disgraced ex-cop, and current drunken trailer park manager, Jim Lehey  and his faithful assistant Randy, are always trying to end the fun.

If you're a republican, like cops, or if you can find no humor in substance abuse, or prison you probably will not like this

South Park,

Of course you've seen this, and laughed, and hopefully saw a bit of your self here, hard to pick a favorite, but if you don't laugh at the episode "Two days Before The Day After tomorrow" you are Al Gore

if you're easily offended, you probably will not like this

Nowhere Man,

A sort of the Prisoner Meets The Fugitive  as seen through the X-files mid nineties thriller that lasted one season, but it fortunately had a conclusion (sort of), Our hero was a press photographer, who has hit it big, an art gallery is showing some of his most famous prints, including one taken the year before titled Hidden Agenda, he slips out of the reception with his wife to go to a restaurant, while there he goes to the rest room, and when he returns his wife is gone, and the restaurant owner claims to have never seen this man before, he takes a cab home, finds the locks changed, his wife comes to the door and claims she's never seen him before, a man claiming to be her husband comes to the door, with a gun and orders our hero to  leave, thus begins the ordeal of Thomas Veil.

If you didn't like The prisoner, or the Fugitive you probably will not like this

30 Days

a documentary seris by  Morgan Spurlock, of 'Supersize Me' fame, in each episode a participant (sometimes Spurlock himself) lives out side their comfort zone for 30 days but this is no fish out of water  reality show, people confront their own prejudices, some times confirming what they thought but often learning and changing one of the better episodes concerned gun control, in which a young woman from Boston Ma., who thought that all private firearms should be banned lives with a father and son, who are avid shooters, she leaves at the end of the show sating that gun owners are responsible people should be allowed to own guns, not a poster child for the NRA but still...

If you think that you are just too right to ever question what you think, you probably will not like this

Last of the Summer Wine

 A British import, but a gentle and fun comedy about three aging men who aren't ready to go peacefully  into the dark night, and old theme worked well.

If you think people should just act their age, you probably will not like this.

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