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Author Topic: 1941 (1979) Spielberg's Flawed Comedy  (Read 2039 times)

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1941 (1979) Spielberg's Flawed Comedy
« on: February 07, 2009, 12:43:13 pm »

S6: Among the many "Bad" Movies I enjoy, 1941 holds a special place in my heart.....

Although Spielberg used some of the best comic talents around (Belushi & Akyroyd from SNL) and (Flaherty & Candy from SCTV) and spend oodles of $$$$$ on SPFX and Scenery, It was a flat comedy that averaged a laugh a half hour at a time....

I remember seeing it when it came out during the week of December 14, 1979 and let me tell you the Theatre was as quiet as a Funeral Parlor for the audience expecting an Animal House type of comedy.... However I did want a Bomber jacket like the one John Belushi's character wore and I used my Xmas $$$ to snag a decent one from a now closed Leather Goods Store on South Street in Philadelphia... :mellow:

1941 was a colossal flop for the Wunderkind who made Jaws and CE3TK...However he would redeem himself with the Indiana Jones Flicks...

Later on while watching it at the Video Store I saw it as a quaint little film that ragged on the US Military and the Preparedness Propaganda that flooded the USA after Mr. Roosevelt connived us into it after 12-7-41 :wub:
1941 also shows how people can be easily made to panic with the ominous fear of the enemy through the media and other means

The late Warren Oates as Mad Man Murdock reminds me of some Officers we had in the PA NG ....

Plus Dianne Kay who plays the Sweet Blonde Betty is a delight to look at.... :love4: Loved the Dance Hall Number she did with Wally (Bobby DiCicco)

And if you don't blink, you'll see Oscar Nominee Mickey Rourke as part of Sgt. Tree's Troop Pvt. Reese and Jerry Hardin from THE X FILES in the Air Raid Plot Room Scenes...

Lastly here are some of my scenes from 1941



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