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Author Topic: Thomas Mackay (1849-1912): Classical Liberal  (Read 2013 times)


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Thomas Mackay (1849-1912): Classical Liberal
« on: March 30, 2009, 06:17:51 pm »

Thomas Mackay (1849-1912)

at OLL:
    Thomas Mackay was a successful English wine merchant who retired early from business so
    he could devote himself entirely to the study of economic issues such as the Poor Laws,
    growing state intervention in the economy, and the rise of socialism.
    Mackay was asked by the individualist and laissez-faire lobby group, the Liberty and
    Property Defense League, to put together a collection of essays by leading classical
    liberals to rebut the socialist ideas contained in
Fabian Essays in Socialism edited by
George Bernard Shaw in 1889. The result:
  A Plea for Liberty (1891) and
  A Policy of Free Exchange (1894).

Methods of Social Reform
    1896 PDF 381p.
Public Relief of the Poor
    1901 PDF 239p.
The English Poor
    1889 PDF 329p.
The Life of Sir John Fowler: Engineer
    1900 PDF 460p.
The State and Charity
     1898 PDF 223p.

A Policy of Free Exchange: Essays
    1894 PDF
    Ed: Thomas Mackay
A Plea for Liberty
    1891. PDF
    Ed: Thomas Mackay
      Preface By Thomas Mackay
      Introduction: From Freedom to Bondage, By Herbert Spencer
      Ch1: Edward Stanley Robertson, the Impracticability of Socialism
      Ch2: Wordsworth Donisthorpe, the Limits of Liberty
      Ch3: George Howell, Liberty for Labour
      Ch4: Charles Fairfield, State Socialism in the Antipodes
      Ch5: Edmund Vincent, the Discontent of the Working-classes
      Ch6: Thomas Mackay, Investment
      Ch7: Rev. B. H. Alford, Free Education
      Ch8: Arthur Raffalovich, the Housing of the Working-classes and of the Poor
      Ch9: Frederick Millar, the Evils of State Trading as Illustrated
      Ch10: M.D. O’brien, Free Libraries
      Ch11: F.W. Beauchamp Gordon, the State and Electrical Distribution
      Ch12: Hon. Auberon Herbert, the True Line of Deliverance

Pictures of the Socialistic Future
    1897. by Eugen Richter
The Autobiography of Samuel Smiles
    1905 PDF 485p.
The Cult of Incompetence
    1911 PDF 225p. by Emile Faguet
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