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Author Topic: The Goody Mobile, features, details.  (Read 2248 times)


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The Goody Mobile, features, details.
« on: April 12, 2009, 09:38:17 am »

Yeah  the Goody Mobile, I have a beat up work truck right now.  It is a case of New Truck vs. Used Truck with BT4/6 spliced in, diesel and Biodiesel would be my fuel of choice.  Do I buy the tech-marvel Diesel truck with all the emissions and such attached to blend in while having something to at least get me OUT.  Do I go for something that I could probably maintain from a blacksmith shop with a 3 axis mill and could easily out last me?

It looks like a lot of the trucks with diesels are of the 250/2500/suburban class and around 30+k in greenbacks.  I could probably put something much better together for the same amount of money, but I want to see what everyone is thinking.

I know I am looking at 4 wheel drive, Diesel powered vehicle towing a 8x10 sized u-haul trailer.
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