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Author Topic: What old worn out stuff can do! Solar, Wind,Steam and weedeaters.........  (Read 1965 times)


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  • Rarick in the Gulch-O-Dome did decree.......        Convert IC to steam/air   1.9Kw fresnel lens      BFing squirrel cage windmill      fresnel lens vs mirror?      Squrrel cage fan windmill      solar powered hydrogen crack      stirling engine using mirror      4.5 foot parabolid mirror

There is an old thread where people were wondering about my thing about compressing air for a storage alternative to batteries.  The first vieo explains why I found it kind of interesting.

The fresnel lens will wear out, but it would be a great covert item for the apartment window.........

The squirrel cage either on the roof or stuck out after dark? (apartment generator from wind?)

Alt fuel concept, maybe a gasoline booster with a NOX like compressed bottle along side your gas/diesel?

what a 4 foot mirror and stirling engine on a porch might do? (the last 2 vids)

Use the fresnel lens and or mirror to run the stirling engine during the day to generate electricity, at night use the squirrel cage.  24 hours of energy flowing in in a low profile manner.  Instead of batteries use it to compress air and use a simple "fan turbine" to turn the generator?

all of this stuff the guy is finding in "junkpiles/yards" low cost and low profile way of acquiring infrastructure items, eh.
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