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Author Topic: Police Taser in Genitals Sparks Investigations  (Read 2002 times)


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Police Taser in Genitals Sparks Investigations
« on: July 27, 2009, 08:57:23 am »

I promise....they will never get that close....

Here's how they use it for torture. Be careful out there.


Cop: Do you feel this?

Suspect: Yes, sir.

Cop: Do you feel that? That's my …

Suspect: Okay

Cop: … Taser up your ass.

Suspect: Okay

Cop: So don't move.

Suspect: I'm trying not to. I can't breathe.

Cop: Now do you feel this in your balls?

Suspect: I do, sir. I'm not going to move. I'm not gonna move.

Cop: Now I'm gonna tase your balls if you move again.

(A full minute goes by)

Cop: Okay, I'm gonna take this Taser out of your asshole now. Are you going to fight with me?

Suspect: No, not at all, sir.

Cop: (to another cop) So far, for the last two minutes, he's been cooperative. But then my Taser's in his ass.

Police Taser in Genitals Sparks Investigations, Brutality Suit
Boise police officer Tased man after he was subdued, threatened genitalia
by Nathaniel Hoffman

Boise Police Threaten to Tase Man's "Ass" and "Balls"

LISTEN to the first 3:43 of the arrest in which a Boise man was Tased while face down and handcuffed and his genitals fondled with the Taser. Listener discretion advised.

A Boise Police officer who Tased a handcuffed man and threatened his genitals with further electric shock, is back on the beat after an unspecified disciplinary action sometime in May.
click to enlarge

Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson, told BW this week that the officer's actions were "conduct unbecoming of an officer."

"It is one of the most serious charges that an officer can face," Masterson said. "It is an offense that is very likely to lead to termination."

But the officer was not charged with any crimes nor terminated in this case and is back on the street, Masterson said.

EDIT: The transcript portion comes from this link and includes audio
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Re: Police Taser in Genitals Sparks Investigations
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2009, 12:19:48 pm »

Just more proof  that the psychopaths and thugs have gained predominance.
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