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Author Topic: Perimeter Fencing  (Read 9291 times)


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Re: Perimeter Fencing
« Reply #15 on: October 11, 2010, 12:28:22 pm »

If you consciously and purposely inter-twine the branches your fence will be stronger. There are hedgegrows in my defense plans as well.


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Re: Perimeter Fencing
« Reply #16 on: January 06, 2011, 08:10:08 am »

........Duct tape is like the force, it has a light side, a darkside and holds the universe together.ツ  It is theoretically reinforced with strings too.ツ  (The dome has a darkside, lightside and strings of rebar for reinforcement too!)
Most of the time news is about the same old violations of the first principles of consent and golden rule with a dash of force thrown in........ with just enough duct tape to be believable.


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Re: Perimeter Fencing
« Reply #17 on: April 21, 2011, 09:57:33 pm »

I have been trying to develop an economic means of securing the permitter of my home/retreat.テつ I started buy buying land that is hilly and logged about 8 years ago so the woods are full of thorns and black berries, but I do not trust the brambles to provide any real security from a "targeted attack".テつ I want a fence to accomplish the following goals:

1) Identify a threat from a distance.テつ Without a fence someone could walk up to my front door and I have no knowledge about their intent.テつ With a fence, they can be kept at "rifle range" until identified.テつ If they violate the fence, then their intent is known to be hostile.テつ テつ

2) I need a "security system" to wake me up as soon as possible with as few false alarms as possible.テつ Most fence solutions require you to keep guard and only serve as a "delay".テつ If you are asleep or distracted then the fence provides little value.

3) Fences are usually defeated by climbing over or cutting through.テつ Preventing/detecting this is the key to good fence security.

My current solution is to install a 6-7' high electric fence (like cattle use) with 12 gauge high tensile wires spaced every 6".テつ テつCombine this with two independent fence charge controllers alternating every other wire and an alarm system that is triggered by "low voltage" or cutting of the wire.テつ テつThe result is a fence that no casual intruder would touch or attempt to "climb" as well as a fence that will report any and all attempts to disable it thus giving warning.テつ テつThe only way to defeat the system would be to "jump over" the fence or "dig under" the fence.テつ I suppose digging under the fence could be solved with some rebar spikes pounded in every 8" or so.テつ

There is only one approach for vehicles to "crash through the fence" and I would mitigate that threat by digging a ditch in front of the fence.テつ Ideally I would also have a "draw bridge" on the driveway and a vehicle sensor to alert me to ANY vehicles.

What am I missing?テつ Has anyone tried this?テつ Why not?テつ I see almost no residential "electric" security fences.テつ

One concern I had was that someone with insulated gloves could simply "move" the high tensile wire from the traditional mounting hooks through which the wire would normally slide.テつ Any suggestions on securing the wire to prevent movement?テつ Would high tension be sufficient?テつ How would you circumvent such a security solution?テつ And what would counter your attack?テつ

Please allow me to make a few suggestions based on the desired effect listed above.  First, these are almost identical requirements of a junk yard or large fenced area with valuable contents.  This happens to be an area that I specialize in with protection dogs.  There are multiple advantages to adding dogs to a standard fenced area.  First, they can be trained to be silent and attach anyone within your perimeter.  Just be careful about litigation and find the "No Trespassing" signing requirements and follow them to the T.  Letter height, how often they have to be hung on fence, etc.  Second, dogs can be trained to patrol the fence line.  This is especially effective if you maintain them in a separate area during the day and then release them into the area at night.  Third, you can also train one or more (best if they are tied close to the house) that will alert on people near your fence.  This is an outstanding alarm that is not grid dependent and will also alert the patrolling dogs if they are on the other side of property.  Forth, dogs have very sensitive hearing in the higher pitches of the sound spectrum.  Someone touching the fence (to climb or cut) will be easily heard by them, especially at night.

Of course, you need to have a good trainer help you prepare them for your requirements, but everything you are wanting is very doable with dogs.

In terms of the physical fence, I would recommend 10-12 foot chain link with barb wire on top if price is no object.  Reduce from there as needed for your budget.  This will also keep deer out of your property which means no garden raids.  Then you just have to worry about rabbits, but loose dogs will help a lot with that.

Hope these thoughts helped.

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