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Author Topic: Hundreds of 9.11 first responders die of cancer  (Read 1322 times)


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Hundreds of 9.11 first responders die of cancer
« on: August 25, 2009, 11:04:37 am »

This is only the tip of the iceberg.  I reckon the final toll will be tens of thousands, far more than died in the building collapses.

If anyone doubts the evil of this, it was well known that the WTC towers were full of asbestos, and even without that you cannot expect to cause buildings to crumble into such fine dust (everything, computers, telephones, furniture, paper, office fittings, human bodies, pot plants, glass, wood, plastic, aluminium - well, you name it, it was probably there) and not expect people for miles around to inhale this stuff.

Now these people are looking to the government for help, the government directly caused their illnesses, yet what do you suppose is happening:  Arguing and delays, politicians refusing to take responsibility for anything, and if they procrastinate long enough, the people will be dead and the problem gone away.  The government might decide to take responsibility and pay (probably paltry) compensation in 20 years time when 99.9% of the victims are dead.  This is a well-known tactic of governments, "we'll wait you out, you can't live for as long as we can".

New York's emergency services were among the first on the scene of the 9/11 disaster but put their personal safety in jeopardy. Those involved in the rescue and clean-up operation quickly became national heroes.

But now 85 per cent of them are suffering from lung diseases which they say were caused by the huge clouds of dust. Those people are now calling on the state for medical support.

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