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Author Topic: Elias: Announcing the new website for The Montana Messenger  (Read 5887 times)

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Elias: Announcing the new website for The Montana Messenger
« on: December 07, 2009, 01:30:24 am »

The Montana Messenger _ Updates
 From: elias alias <>
 To: Elias <>
Announcing the new website for The Montana Messenger, I am sending this
email to a number of good folks, using bcc for your privacy. Please feel
invited to let your friends know.

Greetings! Elias here -

Many of you already know that *The Montana Messenger* is a new monthly
newspaper published at Three Forks, Montana by Joan Stanley. I am Joan’s
editor, and Don Doig is my assistant editor. Michael Blessing is our lay-out
designer and is also the webmaster for our new site.

Our readership is generally comprised of folks in the American Liberty
movement. Our first issue has been popular with the gun culture, the Patriot
movement, the Constitutionalist movement, the End The Fed movement, the Tax
Honesty movement, Tea Party Patriots, people who believe in the message of
Congressman Ron Paul, and similar grassroots freedom-oriented readers. Our
readers pay attention, they enjoy reading, they are informed, they practice
individual responsibility in all ways, they value individuality, they are
culturally diverse, and they value freedom of the individual citizen living
under an umbrella of governmental authority, which they now notice has
changed drastically from the kind of Federal authority all Americans once

*The Montana Messenger* is here to talk about such things, and we’re pleased
that so many readers appreciate seeing it down on paper.

*The Montana Messenger* is a vehicle through which many segments of the
greater American Liberty movement can unite in powerful ways. We are not
afraid to publish facts and truths which have been withheld from the
American people. In fact, that is our specialty and our joy. We know that
once enough American people see clearly who and what has taken over our
national government, and come to understand “why”, we can turn the tables in
a peaceful revolution which shall return this nation back to its rightful
owners, we the people.

So Joan and I are announcing a new website which can be used to easily
subscribe for the hard-copy paper – six months costs only $35.00 – and have
*The Montana Messenger* fly like a Red Tailed Hawk right to your door or

We have distributed six thousand free copies of our first issue, and are
about to go to press with our second issue. We expect delivery of issue
number two on December 08, 2009. We will begin mailing to all subscribers on
December 09, 2009. We hope to have the new issue at various drop-off
business locations by December 11, 2009.

We will continue to pass out extra copies of the paper, free of charge, in
various public locations. But we will not be spreading the papers around the
way we did with our first issue. We’re learning. Being new to the paper
publishing game, I managed to step on some toes in the way I was placing our
papers in a number of locations. I gave bundles to a number of enthusiastic
friends and asked them to place papers everywhere. That was not too smart on
my part. I did not know the rules of the game. I got some complaints from
people who had previous agreements with business owners to place their
papers in some places where our people placed the *Messenger*. We have
apologized to those whom we offended, and shall be more careful to honor
other publishers as we seek places where our papers will be welcome. As
usual, we will have papers available for activists at various public events
– just show up at rallies and protests and meetings, and get a handful of
Messengers to pass around to your friends.

Our primary drop-off places in downtown Bozeman is Poor Richard’s Tobacco
and News Stand, and Vargos Books – both stores are on Main Street between
Tracey and Willson. Tell ‘em Old Elias sent you. At Livingston our papers
will be available at Sacred Mysteries Bookstore. Get your free Messenger in
Belgrade at The Pickle Barrel in the Lee and Dad’s shopping complex on Jack
Rabbit Road. Find us in Manhattan at the Garden Café. In Three Forks you can
find us at the Town Club, the Three Forks Café, and the Broken Spur Motel.
Through our friends we are establishing a network which will allow us to
distribute free copies in Eureka, Hamilton, Ennis, White Hall, Billings,
Missoula, Butte, Helena, and other points around Montana.

As *The Montana Messenger *is a grassroots enterprise, Joan and I have been
warmed by the response from our readers. We’re now getting subscriptions in
the mail and via our pay-pal secure electronic funds transfer system at our
new website. We need those subscriptions, and we’re grateful for each one.

We also accept general contributions/donations from readers who value what
we’re doing with this newspaper and want to help us keep it going – nice
folks who understand that our staff is doing this with nothing but a passion
to print unfettered perceptions. We are a-political and practical little
average folks who’ve had a belly-full of the corruption which is now
threatening our way of life in our own blessed country, and are working to
do something about it. Many of you reading this email know us. I trust those
of you whom we’ve not met will sense our human voice coming through the

We’re faithfully grateful for our many friends. We have received several
donations which have helped us prepare for our second issue’s
printing/lay-out costs. Y’all know who you are, so please accept our
heartfelt “Thank You!”  and know that you’ve helped get the word to
thousands of readers.

We also have sold some ads for the paper, and expect more advertisers to
come on board with future issues. We hope that activist grassroots folks
will help by suggesting to their favorite business-owners that they purchase
ads in our paper and on our website. Our advertising rates are online at our

On our “subscribe” page at the site is also a printable subscription form
for those who do not use pay-pal. It is a printable pdf - simply fill out
checks/money-orders in the name of *The Montana Messenger* and mail to:

*The **Montana** Messenger*

P.O. Box 103

Three Forks, MT 59752

(If you don’t use our form from the site, please ‘print’ your mailing info
legibly. Thanks!)

Call me at 406-285-6597 (generic answer machine – please leave message if
I’m away when you call.)

I hope each of you will visit our site and explore Michael’s work. All
comments about the new site are welcomed – just send them to me at or to Joan at .

We appreciate your help in spreading the word. We appreciate your support
and encouragement. With help from grassroots Montana and America, we’ll
publish the hard truths which other papers are afraid to touch.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all Patriots! God bless America!


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