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Author Topic: Senator Tester's Destruction of Forest Jobs and Recreation Act  (Read 2204 times)

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Senator Tester's Destruction of Forest Jobs and Recreation Act
« on: January 30, 2010, 05:36:25 pm »

Tester Tests the Waters and Forests of Montana for Sustainable Development
with his Destruction of Forest Jobs and Recreation Act
Written by Dan Happel and Kathleen Marquardt   
Wednesday, 30 December 2009 09:00

Senator Jon Tester of Montana introduced S. 1470 in July, known as the “Forest
Jobs and Recreation Act of 2009.” Regretfully the first two words of the
title of the Bill, “Destruction of”, were left off.

The Bill was written with “collaborative groups”1 excluding the general public
and resource development groups from input during the writing of the bill and
then afterward during public meetings. (As is the case with most partisan2
legislation, this bill is but a small part of a much larger goal.)

When citizen and local government groups asked to hold an open and public
debate on the proposed bill in Missoula, neither Senator Tester nor any other
group supporting the legislation sent a representative. In fact, any
supposedly “public forum” that he would be willing to attend would be
orchestrated by him or his cohorts and would be made up of mostly or wholly
supportive audiences.

Let’s look at the Bill itself now that we have reviewed how it was put
together, by whom it was written, and how it is being fed to the general
public. The jobs in Tester’s bill are limited to a few exclusive “green” jobs
plus destruction of access roads and logging of dead standing timber in very
limited areas for a maximum of 10 to 15 years. ...<snip>...
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