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Author Topic: URGENT: New Congress Demands adherance to the Constitution.  (Read 1645 times)


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DISCLAIMER: I have exactly 4 hours of knowledge of this new 'Continental Congress' and claim no affiliation as of yet.

It would appear that as of 2009, U.S citizens, claiming to act under the laws of the US Constitution (I personally am ignorant of the laws granting or denying the power to form this Continental Congress, however, the speaker at the following session states he is a lifelong (40+ years) Constitutional Attorney...), have held elections in each of the U.S States apparently consisting of 6 candidates and electing no less than 3 delegates from each respective State.

The following live webcast (as they claim they are unable to garner attention from the pop media even though they appear very well funded) of the Continental Congress in Session, declares they have irrefutable proof that Federal Income tax laws were not ratified (the Constitutional Attorney does have and does show the proof, which he says you are free to download from his respective websites as needed) and that the entire U.S Government from the lower courts to the district, from the IRS itself to all of Congress and the President, have been served notice and redress has been demanded! They claim that it is understood in the American Justice system that 'no answer,' is an 'admission of guilt' and that if the aforementioned do not respond and 'do not immediately nullify the illegally enacted IRS code,' they say is to be considered 'an act of War.'  This and other 'violations' of the Constitution including the 'Natural Born Citizen' issue are being discussed and redress is being demanded.

The Session and discussion/briefing is approximately 260 minutes long but as you watch it, you may realize as I am, that they are serious.  This is the second time in the history of at least the U.S, that a Continental Congress has been formed, the first being our Founding Fathers.

One of the Delegates remarked before going into session that by these demands, as these demands have been put forth and ignored for years, they, the Newly elected Continental Congress, 'will find themselves either in jail or at War.'  Your association or lack thereof may well henge on where you place your fear or trust, in your Government or your Constitution.

You can see their proof for yourself at:

The first segment is a former IRS agent that resigned after being personally challenged to find the law that empowers the IRS to withold taxes...he couldn't find one
! The second segment is a lifelong Constitution and Tax Attorney that has devoted 40 some years of his life to compile this evidence (and is representing cases currently based on it). The third segment (which I have just begun) is the actual 'Continental Congress' in 'Session' after having heard the arguments.  Anyone with updates or comments is invited to contribute.
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