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Author Topic: Fwd: Precision Rifle Matches, Potomac, MT  (Read 3175 times)

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Fwd: Precision Rifle Matches, Potomac, MT
« on: August 29, 2010, 07:06:24 pm »

Fwd: Precision Rifle Matches, Potomac, MT
 From: Gary Marbut-MSSA <>
Dear MSSA Friends,

In case you are not aware of it, MSSA has been conducting precision
rifle matches near Potomac (25 miles NE of Missoula) for about five years.

We hold these matches on the third Saturday of each month during the
shooting season (April through October) on several thousand acres of
private ranchland near Potomac.

This is not a highly competitive match, since we don't offer any
prizes or trophies.  Rather, it is an opportunity to play with rifles
at distance, under safe rules and conditions, with targets provided,
under uniform rules, and under field conditions.

Participants may enter Hunter Class to engage 41 steel targets
downrange mostly between 100 and 300 yards.  Or, shooters may enter
Precision Class, to engage 65 steel targets downrange between 300 and
1,000 yards (one target array at over 1,300 yards).  All shooting is
done under field conditions (i.e., no shooting benches).

Shooters are squaded at match start into mixed squads of Hunter and
Precision class shooters.  Each squad moves to one of eight shooting
position for each squad member to engage targets available from that
shooting position.  When all members of a squad complete that
shooting position, the squad moves on to the next position.  Eight
shooting positions provide a full day of challenging rifle shooting.

Did you ever wonder if your riflery is up to snuff?   This match
provides a chance to find out how you do when compared with others of
similar interest.

All the details about this match, and scores and pictures of previous
matches, are at:

I maintain a separate email list for people who wish to be notified
about rifle matches.  If you wish to be on that Rifle email list,
reply to this email and ask me to put you on the Rifle list.  If you
want today's Rifle List announcement about the upcoming 9/18 rifle
match, ask me for that too.

As a personal note, you all know that I believe passionately about
the right to bear arms.  I sincerely believe that the right to bear
arms should be claimed and asserted especially by people who shoot
well (and that people who assert the RKBA dang well ought be able to
shoot adequately).  The Potomac Rifle Matches are intended to allow
you to be informed about whether or not you are competent at distance
shooting with a rifle, and to associate you with other folks who can
and will collaborate on upgrading your equipment and skills.

Finally, the Potomac Rifle Matches are the ONLY fundraiser our
separate MSSA Political Committee has to raise much needed funds for
MSSA to be a player in the upcoming elections.  So, your match fees
for this match go to help MSSA achieve its pro-gun political goals.

Come shoot the match with us.  It's really a lot of fun - a lot - really!

Best wishes,

Gary Marbut, president
Montana Shooting Sports Association
author, Gun Laws of Montana
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