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Author Topic: New footage implodes 9.11 cover-up  (Read 1327 times)


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New footage implodes 9.11 cover-up
« on: October 28, 2010, 07:33:51 am »

You just must see this video and although you (I think just about everyone on these boards) is already convinced that there is a lot "fishy" about 9.11, it is amazing how many people will insist that the gov't's official story is correct - they normally state "the government knows things that we don't of course" - so it might be a good idea to "recommend" this to anyone who is still in a state of catatonia about 9.11. (The video appears near the bottom of the page- but if you want a clearer picture, go to "youtube").

On first viewing it appears to be nothing special, just the horribly familiar scenes of dust and rubble from the aftermath of the attacks. However, it contains a stunning exchange between officials and firefighters.

The action appears to be taking place immediately after the collapse of the South tower and before the collapse of the North tower.

The film crew exits a building and make their way along the dust and debris littered streets.

At around 2 mins 50, a man in a suit approaches the crew and announces himself as “FBI, Barry Mawn.”

Mawn (pictured below with Rudy Giuliani) was at that time the director of the FBI’s New York office.

Mawn then asks the FDNY crew a question in the form of a statement – “That tower got a secondary hit?”

 The firefighters respond by saying they are unsure but they heard a rumbling and ran for their lives as the tower then collapsed.

The audio is difficult to hear but one of the firefighters then says he “saw it blow right out the side of the building” to which Mawn asks “that was the plane right?”.

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