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Author Topic: Just In Case  (Read 2113 times)

S. Jester

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Just In Case
« on: November 16, 2010, 03:35:46 am »

Just finished "Just In Case", a book about you know what.

This book is about emergency preparedness mainly following a disaster. Written mainly for the mainstream, for which it does a good job. It avoids almost entirely any socio-economic crashes, except at the very end.

If you have some family and/or friends that would be scared off by your style of pre-paredness, this is a good book to ease them into that kind of thinking. Even if they never believe in a government/nation sized crash, the book will help convince them to make preparations for the "typical" disaster, which can only help.

One of the weak points of the book I have trouble with, perhaps the author is more of a liberal, is that the book doesn't "talk" about firearms or any self-defense methodologies that is likely to be needed during a crisis.

Perhaps you can use this book as an opening, then after a while and after your intended has made some level of preparedness, you could broach the subject of self-defense.

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