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Author Topic: Upcoming 2011 Montana legislative session  (Read 3638 times)

Basil Fishbone

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Upcoming 2011 Montana legislative session
« on: December 20, 2010, 07:17:24 pm »

Montana's legislature meets only every other year for 3 months.  Helps to keep them out of trouble...


Fwd:  Dear MSSA Friends,

The 2011 session of the Montana Legislature will convene on Monday, January 3rd.  Once the Legislature convenes, things will begin happening very quickly.  I'll do my very best to keep you up to date with email notices.

However, there are some things it would be very good for you to know about in advance of the session:

1)  How the legislative process works.  I have an explanation of the process, how to find and track bills, how to contact legislators, and more, all at: or

2)  The items on MSSA's 2011 Legislative Agenda. Our initial list of 16 items has grown to 20.  It will be very helpful if you are familiar with these issues.  I have a list with item descriptions at: or

3)  MSSA and the NRA will host a reception for legislators in Helena at the Colonial Inn on Tuesday, January 4th.  This will be your best chance to mingle with legislators and visit about our bills.  There will be food and adult beverages.  For those of you who can come to Helena for this event, we will hold a briefing session about MSSA bills at 3 PM at the Colonial Inn.  The purpose of this briefing session is to make sure you are conversant with the issues and can speak knowledgeable with legislators about MSSA's bills.  The legislative reception will begin at 5:30 PM in the Colonial Inn.

FYI, the Colonial Inn is very near I-15, on the southwest quadrant of the intersection of I-15 and Highways 12/287.

Over the next two weeks, I'll try to find time to send you more information about each of the items in the MSSA Legislative Agenda.

MSSA has never before taken this large of a legislative bite.  We're REALLY depending you folks to help us successfully push these issues.  With 20 bills introduced, things will happen vast and furious once the legislature convenes.  Get ready!

Best wishes,

Gary Marbut, president
Montana Shooting Sports Association
author, Gun Laws of Montana

Fwd: Dear MSSA Friends,

Last Friday I sent you an email with the Subject line of "Getting ready."

In that email, I included a link to an explanation of the legislative
process, how to track bills, and how to contact legislators.

In that link, I mention that it is possible for you to create a
"Preference List" on the legislature's Website.  On this Preference
List, you can include all the bills you want to track, so when you go
to the Legislature's Website to check on bills you only have to go to
one place, your personal Preference List, rather than checking on
every individual bill of interest.  Plus, the system will send you a
notification email when the status of an item on your Preference List
changes.  It's a great tool.

Of course, I will be sending email alerts to the folks on the email
list when you need to know about an upcoming event for a bill.  I
only hope I can keep up with the rush.

You can go to the Legislature's Website now and set up you personal
Preference List for the upcoming legislative session, if you
wish.  Use the link to the Legislative Process in my email from
Friday.  When you follow that link, you will find another link to get
to the Legislature's Website to create your Preference List.

Since these measures don't have bill numbers yet (the Legislature has
not yet convened), you will need to add all the MSSA Legislative
Agenda items to your Preference List using the LC# I have provided
with each measure (now in bill drafting).  Those LC#s are listed with
the various measures at the link I provided.  The bill numbers will
show up on your preference list as each of these measures is
introduced and assigned a bill number, after the session convenes.

However, to make it easier, let me give you the list of LC#s
here.  You will have to add these to your Preference List (if you
want to set one up) one at a time.  Here are the LC#s I have so far
for MSSA coming bills:


I'll have more LC#s soon, as bill draft requests are submitted by legislators.

Best wishes,

Gary Marbut, president
Montana Shooting Sports Association
author, Gun Laws of Montana

Basil Fishbone

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Re: Upcoming 2011 Montana legislative session
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2011, 11:22:18 pm »

Fwd: Dear MSSA Friends,

HB 148 (Motorized access for game retrieval) and HB 159 (Prevent FWP from regulating ammo) have both been assigned for public hearing before House Fish, Wildlife and Parks Committee on Tuesday, 1/18, at 3 PM in Room 152 of the State Capitol in Helena.  We are trying to get HB 177 (Monitoring for wolf diseases) scheduled for the same day.

Please begin making plans to either come to Helena to speak in favor of these bills, or communicate with Committee members in support of these bills.

By this weekend I'll get you some taking points for each bill.

An ARTICLE about our Sheriffs First, SB 114, bill appeared today in World Net Daily.

You may have heard the story about the 850,000, US-made M1s and M1 Carbines in South Korea for which the State department forbid reimportation into the US, based on the recommendation by the BATFE that these rifles would be used for terrorism or crime.  Montana Senators Baucus and Tester wrote a stiff letter of protest to the State Department.  Upon reconsideration, the State Department is going to begin allowing import of these rifles.  The State Department say it will begin with smaller quantities.  Ultimately, I expect the State Department to further drag feet over returning other than token shipments of these rifles to the US.

Stay tuned.  the Legislature is beginning to heat up.

Gary Marbut, president
Montana Shooting Sports Association
author, Gun Laws of Montana

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