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Author Topic: Disengagement  (Read 13410 times)


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Re: Disengagement
« Reply #15 on: March 09, 2015, 07:14:16 am »

If I hadn't attended college when I did I wouldn't have met my wife!  That alone is worth every single penny it cost me.

Fortunately I didn't go too far into debt; only about $20K.  Still took me awhile to pay it all back which was zero fun the first decade of my career.

I imagine most careers require constant learning of new tools and processes.  Heck, in my current line of work as a systems engineer we seem to change the tools we use at least once a year.  One could easily make a career out of tool qualification.  Learn the ins and outs of some software tool; qualify it using the various industry standards; teach it to others; consult companies on it, rake in oodles of $$.  Wait 3 minutes for another tool to come out, rinse and repeat.
You will not rise to the occasion; you will default to your level of training.
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