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Author Topic: "officers" guilty of shooting six in New Orleans  (Read 1353 times)


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"officers" guilty of shooting six in New Orleans
« on: August 06, 2011, 08:17:49 am »

"Restore faith in the NO pollice force" - yeah, sure it will!

NEW ORLEANS — In a verdict that brought a decisive close to a case that has haunted this city since most of it lay underwater nearly six years ago, five current and former New Orleans police officers were found guilty on all counts by a federal jury on Friday for shooting six citizens, two of whom died, and orchestrating a wide-ranging cover-up in the hours, weeks and years that followed.


“They thought they could do what they wanted to do and there wouldn’t be any consequences,” said Theodore Carter, an assistant United States attorney, in his closing statement. “This led to their crime, it led to their brazenness. It never occurred to them they were shooting up two good families.”


As in a similar trial of the police last year, defense lawyers said that the officers should be considered heroes for staying in the city when so many others left and that, given the air of imminent and omnipresent danger in those days, their instincts should not be criminalized.

“He has to decide and act in a split second, a nanosecond, to make a life or death decision,” said Paul Fleming, who represented Mr. Faulcon. Given the circumstances, he said, “It is a decision that is reasonable, it is a decision that is justifiable and it is a decision that is not a crime.”

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