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Author Topic: How to Make a Rosary  (Read 5404 times)


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How to Make a Rosary
« on: February 08, 2012, 06:29:02 pm »

I'm not Catholic, but I know enough of them (mostly in my Dad's side of the family), and something they really cherish is saying their Rosary Prayers. Now, I'm not very well off... In fact I'm below the US Poverty Line. So when I was thinking about what to give all my rellies for Easter when I go out to visit in April, I thought of making Rosaries. They already have store-bought ones, but would probably really value handmade ones. So far, I've made an Irish Penal Rosary for my Dad, a brightly colored glass and wood beaded Rosary for my Grandmother, and a matching set of Amethyst Rosary and earrings for my Girlfriend.

What you'll need to make an Irish Penal Rosary:
A metal ring big enough to slide easily on your thumb
11 beads
a cross or crucifix
6 inches bonded hemp or jute cord

What you'll need to make a Beaded Rosary:
metal clasp
6 payter beads
50 beads for the 5 decades
a cross or crucifix
3 feet of thread suitable for beading

What you'll need to make a Knotted Rosary:
5 feet of hemp, jute, or cotton cord

Tools you may find helpful:

I gtg, I'll finish this after I come back.
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