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Author Topic: Report slams last year's "occupy Davis" pepper spraying incident  (Read 809 times)


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Many people remember the images of the University of California Davis police officer pepper-spraying a group of students sitting on the ground with their arms linked. In fact, the image was so striking that it became a bit of a meme, spreading around the internet with various humorous twists.

There was a great deal of damage control at the time, and the UC Davis chancellor Linda Katehi – who initially was the focus of a great deal of criticism – quickly moved to place the blame squarely on the officer by claiming that the police defied orders in using the caustic chemical agent (which one imbecilic Fox News contributor erroneously believed was a nothing more than a food product).


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Re: Report slams last year's "occupy Davis" pepper spraying incident
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2012, 09:17:32 am »

   I'm sure the instructions were to "remove the protesters ASAP". The standard disclaimer after the fact is "without hurting my chances of keeping my job". The understanding though is if the cop want's to keep his/her job they will get results on the first part, and hope for the best on the second part.
   The politicians ALWAYS demand results cheap fast and easy. They ONLY care about consequences if they came back to bite them in the ass. Politicians consider their foot-soldiers to be expendable pawns. Firing the occasional cop for "going too far" is a small price to pay for keeping the populace cowed and cowering.
   I would almost feel sorry for the cops having to work with the incessant demands for results without crossing the invisible moving line of acceptable use of force, except that I don't approve of the political goals in the first place. I don't approve of using force to compel order, and I cannot work up any real sympathy for those who would be the instruments of that force. Sorry guy's, it's a shitty job, I'd learn another trade...
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